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Trekking Madagascar - 8th April 2017


Me and my mate Steve are booked on this trip. Looking to hear from anyone else going.


Goooood morning (just)

Myself and my mate Helen are travelling on this trip and are getting super excited!!!


Hi Hayley (and Helen),

Good to hear from you. All paid up now and counting down the days. Have you travelled with Exodus before? Are you on the group flight?


Totally counting the days, it can't come fast enough!!! Just got a new day rucksack and even that's gotten me giddy :-)

We are both on the group flight yes and I know I'll be there earlier than i should be as didn't want to chance the trains messing me about and think Helen is coming up early too.

We have both travelled with Exodus before, in fact it's where we met each other. We have done Borneo (where we met) and have since done Sicily (volcanoes - gob smackingly excellent trip). I've also done Namibia/Botswana and the Lillehammer Bobsled trip. Helen has done another also but it slips my mind as to what it was. I'm guessing this is your first trip? If so, you have nothing to worry about. You will love every second of it :-)

So it's time for my injections this week :-( But at least it means that we haven't got long left. How are you two doing?

Good luck with the jabs. Have you calmed down from the giddiness of getting your new day bag? :D
So it appears there'll be 13 of us unless there's any latecomers.
We met on an Exodus trip as well (Inca Trail two years ago). Then we did the Everest Base Camp trek last year. Both of which were amazing. This will be my 7th Exodus trip in all.
We'll be getting to Heathrow at about 2pm if you wanted to meet up. I suspect we'll be in the bar :)

Wow 7 trips, you are more professional at this than us :-)

I hazard a guess that we will be there around the same time as you both. Where are you travelling from? I'm Hull and Helen is Brighton.

We will be in the bar too, best way to start the adventure. Unlucky for some 13 lol.

Hate injections will be so pleased when its done and dusted, not even sure how many I need, looks like everything has gone overdue at the same time, sods law :-S

What currency are you both taking? I'm taking the 25 euros that's needed for the VISA but not sure what to take my main money in.........

I'm Cardiff and Steve is Bristol.

As for the currency, I'm taking all Sterling - saves facing 2 lots of fees and apparently it's easy enough to exchange at the airport. (You can pay for the visa in sterling too btw). Not sure about Steve yet.

Excellent and good point on the exchange front, makes sense.......I'll do the same :-)

Been looking at the weather and although its warm it's chucking it down lol. The time can't pass fast enough for me, absolutely desperate for some time away from work.

Two weeeeeeeeeks yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaw :-D

Hook me up on facebook if you fancy, Hayley Darling Tweed x

We (myself and husband, Peter) also on this trip!
Really looking forward to it all. We are not on group flight - travelling from Manchester..
We too have new daypacks - tested yesterday up Pendle Hill.
Look forward to meeting you all in MADAGASCAR!!!

Hi Maggie (and Peter)

Good to hear from you and welcome to the group. Not long to go now! Look forward to meeting you.

2 bags just about packed..... not long now!

Anyone else coming from Aus?

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