Trekking the Tatra's

Hello - just saying 'hi' to anyone booked on this hiking holiday! Dept 12 Sep

It looks like a stunning location - I live in the flatlands of Cambridge so am very excited when I see mountains. I'm training for this in the gym.

Get in touch if you want to share some chat and tips before we meet!

Zoe :)

Hi Zoe,

My name is Rachel, also on this departure date! Great to be in touch with someone else who is!

Good to hear you've been training in the gym, I've been getting out to the Peak District (I live in Manchester), but not as much as I'd like!!

We should definitely exchange tips, although i'm used to packing for these trips, I've ever had to carry most of my kit for four days!!

Hope you're well.


I'm also on this trip and seriously excited about it! Even (in a weird way) the 'living out of our backpack' bit :-)
I've been on a trip with these guys before and climbed the Atlas mountains in Morocco and so ascended Mt Toubkal on Christmas day, it was spectacular, keen for more!

Rach, I agree with you, how on earth will everything fit into one rather small bag??

I was about to start googling the weather out there, the pictures of this trip show people in the sun with relatively light clothing and shorts/tshirts, but the trip notes suggest warm hat/gloves, warm trousers etc. Do you guys know what it will be like?

Yey, excited!!!

Hi Rach and Esther!
Sorry, just seen your messages. I'm still contemplating packing!
I did a five day walk in Portugal over new year and carried my bag the whole time. I wore the same pair or trousers all week and washed tops and socks alternately. In the evening I wore a dress and tights (every night) and slept in base layers. I was cold and wished I'd had a down jacket!
I don't mind wearing the same stuff on the hike but would like to wear something normal/nice in Krakow - did I read somewhere that we could leave stuff at the hotel?
I think it will be fairly warm but probably a merino wool top might go down well in the evening…
Looking forward to it! Zoe : )

Hi again, a lovely man named Andy has responded to my girly questions about clothes :-)

He writes: "The weather can be quite volatile at this time of year in the Tatras. In short, you basically need to take clothes for trekking in warm weather (the t-shirts, shorts etc that you mentioned), but also warm clothes that are also suitable for wet weather. If you get lucky the weather could be warm all week, but you need to remember that these are serious mountains and the peak of Rysy is high at 2499m. Have a look at this link for weather on Rysy this week and you will see what I mean!
Hope it will have improved when you are there but it demonstrates that it could be unpredictable!
Definitely take warm hat, gloves, fleece, waterproof jacket (and ideally trousers). I would be surprised if you don’t use them at some point on the trip."

This has really helped me with my packing, so I'm getting all my stuff together this weekend.
Woop woop :-)

Hi Ester and Zoe

I've only just started packing - I'm so last minute! I'm still buying bits and bobs and as per usual am bound to pack to much!

Ester, thanks for sending us Andy's comments. As he says I'm pretty much planning for every eventuality weather wise. Plenty of thin layers and waterproofs.

I'm going to take one / two pairs of trousers and one pair of shorts. Like Zoe, i'm happy to slum it the same clothes while walking but something nice for Krakow.

Looking at the trip notes, we can leave our big bag at the hotel in Zakopane and they bring it to us after a couple of days, then we'll see it at Krakow a couple of days later.

What size rucksack do you guys have? I went for 35 litres in the end.

Ester, I also did Mount Toubkal a few years ago, amazing peak and totally loved it!

Looking forward to meeting you both.

I should really stop typing now, and get on with packing . . . !

See you both on Saturday!


Hi Esther and Rach

God I hate packing, have been away every weekend for three months and it is a constant cycle of pack-unpack! Packing tomorrow night for this trip as flying out with Ryanair Friday morning - meeting the rest of the group at the airport on Saturday!

Thanks for sharing the weather tips - it looks highly unpredictable. I have a 40 litre bag and will probably bring a smaller 20 l to leave in the hotel with some nicer clothes in. I know we need several layers but you will grow to hate any excess kit, so pack carefully...I am saying this to myself as I type...having carry-on luggage only helps keep it down!

Right - just off to Cotswold to get another pair of Merino wool socks! Lush also sell a solid shampoo bar that's good for washing all over too - helps reduce those heavy bottles!

Looking forward to meeting you both!


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