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My sister and i have just booked the Masai Mara long weekend 24th Feb 16 Would love to hear from any one going or for any one that has been

Hi Jack! (LOL..., bet nobody has told you that before?)
Was browsing through posts and saw your question... lucky you! I went on that trip in November 2014 and it was A-MA-ZING!!! I was at the Ilkeliani camp, which is very nice and comfortable. Although it was unfortunate that my friend did not come at the last minute, it so happens that the other 4 people who had booked cancelled, so I was alone and had the jeep & chauffeur to myself! I was very lucky to have him, he could spot a lion from 2 miles away, a leopard gave us a fantastic show of jumping up then down a tree... you are going to LOVE it!

Hi Jenniebee
Thanks for your reply . We can't wait to go my sister and i are having a girly holiday as the husbands go and play golf in spain we thought that seems far . I have looked at the camp it looks very glamcamping just hope no spiders . Think we will try to do the balloon trip as well do you know if that was easy to arrange
2 very exited girls

Hello again excited girlies! Nothing like a sister-trip, well done you! I LOVE travelling with mine, we have had fantastic times together!!!
I did not do the air balloon ride, as I was a bit on a tight budget and it is REALLY expensive (says me who is going to Antarctica for the second time in 3 months, LOL), but I know it is very easy to organize. I also spoke to 3 people in the camp who did it and said it was worth every penny!
The view I admit must be awesome, so if you can, go for it.
I actually brought back a really nice picture of a yellow balloon just hit by the rising sun... quite stunning especially as that light on it did not last long.
So enjoy!

Thanks for the advise on the ballon trip i think it a must do . So you going to Antarctica that sounds awesome thats another one on my tick list hope you have a great time .

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