Tropical South 7th February 2015

Booked the last place on this trip. Will try and wait until after Christmas to get excited.
I am flying Emirates, Heathrow to Dubai then joining the group flight.

Looking forward to meeting up with the group somewhere.


Hi both, my sister and I arrive the day before at the group hotel flying down from Birmingham to Dubai with Emirates. Looking forward to it already.

Good idea arriving the day before, with the flight times.
Have you been to India before? first time for me.
Will shop for a travel guide at the weekend, as spur of the moment booking.
Have a good Christmas, really looking forward to meeting up with all. Annie

Hi there, I'm flying down from Delhi the day before and will be at the Group Hotel for the extra night, as I'll have just finished the Highlights of Northern India trip. Good to know I won't be totally alone :) I fly out to India 5 weeks today - getting excited! Lorna

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