Tropical South January 2018


Putting feelers out for fellow travellers on the Tropical South trip to India departing 28/01/18.

I had booked this at the beginning of May , as it was advertised as a 'recommended for single travellers'- seeing as I'm travelling solo. I see its fully booked so hoping theres a few folk up for saying hello and a bit of chat before we meet up.

Hi Lorna

I am also travelling solo - a first for me so it will be good to chat here before the trip

Hi Lorna

I have booked on the group flight via Colombo. Are you on a different flight?


Hi Andrea, 

I've arranged my own flights. Glasgow via Dubai then onto Cochin. 

I'll arrive just after 8am so once I've located my transfer to the hotel I'll have time to head out for breakfast and a mooch around the area before meeting up with everyone else in the group late afternoon. 

I'll feel like a local by then!  

Hi Andrea,

I've discovered there are 3 solo travellers on this trip,( us included!) the rest are couples. Maybe someone else from the group will post on here who is on your group flight. I'm not on Facebook so perhaps thats the favourable means of communication for the others.


Thanks for letting me know. Shame we won't  be on same flight - not my favourite mode of travel!  As you say you will be well acclimatised by time we arrive. Am just looking into visa and vaccinations. Is a shortage of Hep A vaccine here so will have to go further afield to get it. Like you I don't do facebook


Hello, I'm afraid I'm from one of the couples!  We're travelling from Birmingham via Dubai too, arriving Cochin about 8 am too so we may well meet Lorna on the second flight and maybe share the hotel transfer.  Just going through the vacination stages but there doesn't seem to be any shortage of Hep A at the moment, only Hep B but we have located some through a private clinic called Masta.  Next job will be the visa applications - still not sure whether to go down the electronic route or the 'real' route - anyone tried so far?


Hope more will join this group soon.  Andrew (& Elaine)

Hi Andrew and Elaine.

Just received an e-mail from Exodus -we are sharing the transfer from airport to the hotel - thats good!

Ive just applied for my visa today. Completed the application ,printed it off and took it into VFS Global in Glasgow. Honestly I found the whole process so confusing ,the web site is cryptic and horribly put together making it difficult to navigate and get any answers to simple questions.

I watched the lady at VFS Global chuck my passort and accompanying application into a large plastic box along with loads of other passports etc. I can only hope the right documents end up with the right passport! She then said everything on the form was ok but it was at the discrection of the Indian High Commission if they grant me the visa. Of course Ive now been on numerous forums reading about the horrors of incorrect visas being issued, holidays being missed, folk being detained at the airport etc! 

I guess its out of my hands now anyway, holiday balance paid , flights paid for so can only hope the Visa Gods grant me my wish!

Looking forward to meeting you both! 


Hi Andrew,

Just reading through the messages re the Tropical South trip in Jan and noticed that you were wondering about visas - have you applied yet? If not, we have got evisas which were relatively straightforward... I deliberated about whether or not to use Travcour, but in the end applied direct and we heard that they had been granted about 24 hours later so was chuffed/ relieved to be able to tick it off our 'to do'  list! 


Hi Sue

I applied for mine about 10 days ago and got the Electronic Travel Authorisation back within 24 hours.  Likewise, Elaine did yestaerday and just got it back.  I understand these are not the actual visas but the authority to have it stamped in the passport when we arrive in Cochin; hopefully!

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