The Tropical South, Kerala

Anyone else going?

I am on the 16th Dec.

Hi, I'll be on this trip beginning 28th Jan . 

Thanks for responses, look forward to some feedback on your trips if you are ok with that? 

Am not going until 3rd November 2018. 


Thanks for responses, look forward to some feedback on your trips if you are ok with that? 

Am not going until 3rd November 2018. 


Hi Su, 

I'd be happy to provide comment on my trip. 

I've never visited India before, travelling solo and almost prepared  to just  jump right in to the mayhem of what India will no doubt present! 

Hi Lorna, 

Thank you much appreciated.

Likewise it will be my first time to India, travelling solo and jumping in feet first! Although I have previously been to Morocco and Italy with Exodus and enjoyed trips very much.

Looking  forward to hearing  all about it nd hope you have a good time.

I am doing the Cycle the Coast of Kerala, Dec. 23-30, 2017.  I was in India way back in 1985, starting in Delhi and including Bombay (now Mumbai), Varnasi, Hydrabad, Madras (now Chennai), etc.  When we got to Kerala I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.  So beautiful!  My first time swimming in the ocean!   

I'm told things have changed dramatically since 1985, so I'm looking forward to seeing it again after more than 30 years.  And this time from the seat of a bike!

Thank you for comment Barbara. Sounds lovely. Hope you enjoy your cycling trip. I could not do that!  Let me know how you get on. 

Hi Su

im traveling on this trip in November 2018starting 3 November :)

im also travelling solo, have done one other cycling trip with Exodus last year to Italy and was brilliant. Am so looking forward to this trip as not been to India before


Hi Julie, 

pleased to hear from some else doing same trip as me. Am travelling solo too and my first trip to India and likewise looking forward to it. Particularly as it will be Diwla. 

I will be travelling from Heathrow from Kent. I have done 2 trips to Morocco and 1 to Amalfi Coast, Italy with Exodus and throughly enjoyed them all. Meeting interesting people while experinencin great places.


I would be happy to hear from you and even some advice. I would like to go there at the beginning of November 2018

I would be happy to hear from you and even some advice. I would like to go there at the beginning of November 2018

Hi TrustPilo 1 thanks for message .

Yes likewise, I am booked to go November 2018. A big new adventure. 

Any advice woul be appreciated.

Have you booked? What dates? 

Hi is any one booked on thr biking hoilday to India at Easter 

Unfortunately not yet, I'm still deciding isnieme to my girlfriend. But I think I will book from: March 4 or 18, no more in November.

its taken me a while to join a conversation re 3 Nov departure!

yes I am on this one. Do we know who are all travelling from Heathrow and are we meeting up in the departure hall?

i am also looking to see if anyone fancies adding another week to perhaps do something else?


Hi John,

Currently no one else has mentioned meeting at Heathrow departure hall.

However I am willing to meet up with everyone there.  Would you be able to suggest a good meeting point?

I have added 2 extra nights at the last hotel, to the trip In order to relax before flight home. 


I will have a look and think about a good meeting point and post back with a suggestion for everyone.Thats a good idea re hotel. Have you changed your return flight to suit with Exodus?


Ok May I suggest that we all meet in Carluccios at Gate 20 on level 2 departures of Terminal 4. This is after security.


Hi John,

Thanks good choice, is it easy to get to from terminal 3 ( which is where I think we depart from) or is there a Carluccios in Terminal 3 ? 

I requested the 2 extra nights when I booked and Exodus sent me booking and times for my return flight .

I have to pay for extra food and airport transfer for return .    


I thought we depart from T4 ? Or have I got that wrong?

Su, can I suggest that we continue to communicate on my thread under MACCA. entitled ‘cycle the coast of Kerola and Tropical India 3 Nov for 15 days?

I have pointed jools who is also on our trip to the same thread?



Hi John,

think there maybe some confusion?

I am booked on trip named ' The Tropical South' going to Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is not a cycling holiday ?  Departs from Heathrow Terminal 3.


ah, yes different trip! Where do you fly to and what airline?



Flying Sri Lankan airlines to Colombo then transfer on to Kochi


thats a shame! I’m flying with jet airlines to Mombai.

our meetup arrangements were going so well!!

hope you have a great time


Hopefully others will join in the chat nearer to our departyre time.

Have you got your visa yet?

Hi John 

yes it is a pity as you say it was going well.

Thanks, you too. Enjoy. 


Hi there fellow travellers on this trip! With 69 days to go, I thought that I would see who else is going. I’ve been lucky enough to go on several trips to Africa with Exodus mostly as a solo traveller except for last year when I did a private adventure. In 2016 I visited Northern India for the first time. I arrived with an open mind and left wanting to come back to see more, so I’m really looking forward to this visit. I loved the chaos, the colours and the curries and am counting down the days. See you soon!

Hi Jane,

Good to read your message. Are you going from Heathrow too?   If so maybe we could meet up there prior to flight?

I have been on 3 Exodus trips , 2 to Morocco and 1 to Amalfi Coast with Exodus. Unfortunately not been to India before but know friends who have.

Therfore looking forward to this trip very much. I have added to extra nights at final destination , to relax prior to flight home.

Seee you soon. 

Hi Su

Sorry for my delayed response but I’ve been away on hols. I’m just applying for my visa on line so preparations gradually coming together now! I tend to get the airport with loads of time to spare so hopefully we and any others can meet up before we leave.

I’m really looking forward to this one now I know what to expect from India - I gather the south is rather more serene than the mayhem of the north!

7 weeks today and counting!!!


Hi Jane, 

Not a problem, hope you ha a good time. 

Massive avoidance going on for me as being apprehensive about doing my visa online!?.  That  Is my last to do apart from packing. 

I am travelling to Heathrow the day before and staying overnight at Premier Inn. Also plan to get to terminal early. Be good if a few  of us can meet up.

Yes I heard similar comments from various friends. One in particular had been to some of the places we hope to visit. Sound amazing!

Exciting !  it's finally getting close, I booked it last November.  



Anyone up for meeting up for a coffee prior to departure on Saturday?

Hi Su, I know we are not on the same trip and I don't know if you are flying at the same time but if it's any help Jools and I are meeting at costa coffee terminal 3 airside at 55.30 am for our flight at 7 am


Hi Su,

I’m happy to catch up with you before the flight. Where did you have in mind?  I’ll be coming up from Dorset tomorrow morning. 

Best wishes, Jane

Hi Jane,

plan to be at The Curator at Terminal 3 about 10a.m, does that fit with your plans? 

thanks John unfortunately my flight is not until 12.35 p.m so unfortunately unable to make it.

Enjoy your trip.


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