TYU Kilimanjaro Lemosho and Safari - October 15th

Is anyone else going on the Lemosho route ascent of Kilimanjaro departing London on October 15th?


Myself and a Friend of mine are on this particular trip - both from Hampshire in the South East.

Not long to go now! We are really looking forward to it! Maybe a little too much!


Hi Lee
Good to hear from you. Indeed, not long to go now. I'm travelling solo, from Cambridge. Sounds like it may be quite a small group. Just about there with sorting out training, kit etc.
See you next month

Yeah, I haven't asked Exodus how many are booked on to our particular group.

Im sure it'll be a decent experience with just a few of us and we'll take it all in.

We've been training since January on and off really and were doing the three peaks here on 16th September. Kit has been mental, but made sure the boots have been well worn in!

If you're on it look me up on Facebook Lee Jones - or find my via the Red Lion Aldershot page. I run the pub, We'll have a few beers when we get back I'm sure!


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