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I wanted to inform people that the Uzbekistan Embassy takes a very long time to process personal applications. They talk to about 3 applicants per hour, and there is only one person on duty. It is not a matter of dropping the paperwork off and returning in 7-10 days.

On Wednesday (17th) i arrived at the Embassy before 9.00 am, for the 9.30 opening. Soon after 9.00 a helpful man asked if i wanted the consulate, and we went through the gate, around to the right hand side, down the steps to the office. He looked at the forms, and checked everything was there; confirmed our visit was as a tourist and the period. He then said to return in 10 working days, so two weeks time. We confirmed the amount, which has to be paid in advance, and all this in about 5 minutes.

I can assure you that it is even easier to obtain an Uzbek Visa if you use the Postal Service. I had my Visa returned within a week
I did receive a telephone call asking me if I had paid the Visa fee and although I had sent a copy of the Bank Receipt they had overlooked it but the employee I spoke to was very pleasant and gave me a good impression of Uzbekistan in advance of my arrival there on the 3rd September.

My visa only took just over a week

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