Uzbekistan uncovered

Okay, let's get this ball rolling. My name is Ian and my wife is Lesley, we are both booked onto the September departure for Uzbekistan, and are ready, packing apart, with visas in our passports. I am a retired civil engineer and Lesley a retired secretary, but before you think "Oh Gawd! Two crotchety oldies", we don't think of ourselves like that. We are both fortuitously healthy and reasonably active, although must confess to having given up jogging as a pastime some years ago, preferring a more sedate walking pace nowadays.
We have travelled a lot, both of us being curious to see what is about in the rest of the world. This is our first trip with Exodous, having been with Adventures perhaps a half dozen times elsewhere, but they seem to have dropped Uzbekistan from their brochure, hence Exodus. Trust all are looking forward to the trip and meeting up, either at Heathrow or in Tashkent. Cheers

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