Uzbekistan Uncovered (Fri 24 Apr 15 - Tue 05 May 15)

Hi, I'm booked on this trip, the trip is showing as fully booked so who else on here is going on it ?

Hi. I am booked on this trip as well.I have asked for the compostion of the group but have not received any information. I live in Surrey.

Hi, My wife and I are coming, from Suffolk. I tried to post on this site a couple of days ago and it accepted the message but seems to have lost it. We are Marian and Tony. I've tried to change my screen name, but just got a system error message!

Hi Marian and Tony. My name is Pamela and I will be travelling alone. I look forward to meeting you both tomorrow.

Hello Pamela, Marian and Tony. See you at Heathrow.

Hello Pamela and Hugh. Looking forward to meeting you at Heathrow.

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