Uzbekistan Uncovered visa

Has anyone going on this tripon 28 Sept applied for a visa online. I am having problems with the format of my photo which the website is not accepting. Can anyone help out. Thanks

Hi Vicki, I managed to get online visas for our Silk Road trip starting this week. I used persofoto to get the right photo format.  Also you need a gmail account.  The website Caravanistan has good tips.  Good luck!

Thanks Nicola. Additional problem was that I could only pay by VISA. Otherwise this seems to have worked using persofoto - will wait and see if it gets approved.

Vicki - I only got an email for one of our visas (to say that it was ready).  For the other I just kept logging back in with that number you get, and one time the visa was there.  Took three days I thnk.  Have a good trip!

Received an email today re the visa. l had problems with the website logging on but finally all sorted - it still needs some tweeking. Thanks so much for your help Nicola.

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