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Hello, I am a final year undergraduate university student undertaking some research on the issue of 'overtourism' in Venice specifically. As part of my project, I need some feedback from members of a travel community or from travel/tourism forums to support my findings, and if there are any suggestions that are made to me.


So, Venice is a hot and majority water city where large numbers of tourists come from cruise ships especially, increasing overall footfall. Effectively, the number of tourists exceed the number of residents in Venice --> 60,000:55,000 ratio per year. Tourists however, are not encouraged to stay in the central mainland, as it affects residents; explaining the lack of hotels. This makes accommodation an issue, meaning more public facilities need to be made available or signposted for tourists (e.g. toilets, drinking water, picnic sites etc) to be able to use.


These are all issues found from my need finding therefore, my suggestion was to create a digital solution (program) that could be implemented in the most remote areas of Venice, for use by the tourists. This would be done as a touch screen kiosk device where an embedded map would pin point local facilities, based upon what tourists may need. This will include a search bar, different language preferences and even icons - to make it universally applicable and usable by all tourists.


If information is clearly signposted and made available for tourists, tourism would somewhat reduce in most residential areas of Venice, meaning fewer disputes between both groups and the government body. This would be because tourists would now know where to go, minimising chances of becoming lost and wandering into residential areas within Venice.




So, my question to you is:




"What do you think of this digital solution? Does it seem viable? What improvements would you make? How do you think this will affects a.) tourists and b.) residents?"




Thank you.




Best Wishes,


Nisa :)


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