Vietnam April '20

Hi, anyone heading to Vietnam on 4th April 2020? Would love to make contact before we set off.

Hi. We are going on the family departure to Vietnam - Chopsticks. How about you?

Hi yes this is the trip we are going on leaving 4.4.20 from Heathrow. Looking forward to it. I have 15 year old daughter and 23 year old niece coming, what about you?

Hi. Yes same one. I'm going with my two sons 15 and 12. Looking forward to it, but a little apprehensive too. First time we will have gone away for so long, but personally been longing to go to Vietnam for some time. x

Hi, we are really looking forward to it, Vietnam looks wonderful. Its going to be a full 2 weeks! We are Bristol based, what about you? I've started to think about planning for our trip, seems like we don't need visa's in advance. We went to Costa Rica in 2018 with Exodus, they are very good. Kids will love it x

Saw this thread and thought "ooh.... people from my trip"..... then I realised you were talking about the family departure on the 4th and not the other "oldies" (lol) departure on the 5th.....


Our itinerary is very similar to yours (except we fly Hanoi > Da Nang and skip the east coast and fly Da Nang > Saigon)..... except will will be a day behind you - our groups may bump into each other possibly in Hoi An!



I've been to Vietnam before - and I do think for a family group you will love it.... Halong bay is just amazing (cant wait to visit again).


Hi Paul H, shame, yes we are on different tours, we are staying at the HoiAn River Green Boutique Hotel, what about you, it looks beautiful there. Our first time in Vietnam, been to Cambodia, Borneo, Thailand etc so really exicted now. Have a great trip.

"Hoi An Riverside Resort & Spa or similar" - thats what the trip notes say.... similar name but different hotel.

Not confirmed yet.

Paul H, I have started a conversation for our trip if you want to head over...

Any other families departing to Vietnam on April 4th?

Hi all we have just received our welcome letter for the trip with details of the forum. We are Kate, Dave and Max (nearly 13) we are all very much looking forward to exploring Vietnam. Look forward to following the thread. 

Hi, another one just received our letter to say it's less than two months away! We're Mike, Jo, Zak (13) and Maddie (11) from Oxford, leaving from Heathrow on 4th April. Really looking forward to the trip, our first time in SE Asia and with Exodus.......

what flights /airlines are fellow travellers booked onto for chopstix and coconuts tour first night Hanoi Sunday 5th April 

Hia, we're on the Heathrow flight on Saturday 4th at 11am

Yes we are on the same flight from Healthrow to KL then Hanoi, we are Suz, Liyah (23) & Liv (15) from Bristol. Hoping that the virus does not impact on our plans!

Yes we are on the same flight from Healthrow to KL then Hanoi, we are Suz, Liyah (23) & Liv (15) from Bristol. Hoping that the virus does not impact on our plans!

It's a worry isn't but having read this, unless there is a drastic change between now and then, we're not going to let it stop us.

If anything, the fact they've stopped the Chinese coming into Vietnam will make all of the tourist spots a damn sight quieter so could well be a bonus.......

Yes it certainly is a worry. Thank you for posting the link above which was good to read, anyone else questioning the accuracy of the numbers of recorded cases inVietnam?

Forgot to add - we are due to fly out the day before you guys. We booked flights independently from the tour and fly direct with Vietnam airways on fri 3rd. Thank fully with a very high profile sports event taking place in Hanoi the same weekend we all arrive we should be able to receive good up to date travel advice. I have also noted that many Asian airlines have cut back services for global destinations. I e got everything g crossed and all being well look forward to meeting you all in Hanoi

Hi, we just spotted this thread, we are also on the chopsticks tour from 4th April, we are Kev, Nic, Samuel (11) and Hannah (9) from Cheshire. We are flying from Manchester with Qatar so joining the tour in Hanoi on the 5th. First time for us in Asia in about 15 years and first long haul trip for the kids so really looking forward to it, assuming no last minute changes from corona!

fingers crossed we'll see you all on the 5th!


Okay, it is 3.5 weeks until we go and I'm struggling to get excited, as I sway from me are going, to oh look at the latest, oh vietnam have no cases, to oh goodness we now need visas, to oh the UK is seriously considering locking down. Am I the only one.......who do not really know how to feel?!

Yep, it's tough to get excited about it at the moment with all of the uncertainty. We were all looking forward to this so much but who knows what situation we'll be in come the 4th April.

I'm just trying not to let it worry me and keeping up to date with the news. Not much else we can do.

Update from the embassy today

"From 12:00 (Vietnamese time) the 15 of March 2020, Vietnam will temporarily impose the following suspension:

1. Entry into Vietnam of foreigners including Vietnamese people holding foreign passports who reside in or have traveled to the Schengen area and the UK in the past 14 days.

2. Visa upon arrival.


I am sure trips to Vietnam will all be cancelled now :-(

yep, definitely cancelled. I called Exodus yesterday and they confirmed that thereno way we can go now. He was really helpful and said we can have a refund or transfer it to another holiday and that they'll be contacting us early next week to arrange that.

Were gutted but at least we know now. Did anyone really want to go anyway and risk being quarantined in a Vietnamese hospital? Even if we'd got in the country, we wouldn't have got the holiday that we booked with everyone in panic mode so this is the best outcome unfortunately 🤬😭😭

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