Vietnam Cycling trip

Just booked up for Cycling Vietnam Trip.....

Might sound dumb, but any suggestions as to what to wear when cycling.... are casual clothes good enough or is it worth getting technical shorts and tops??

Any other suggestions / tips appreciated.


Hi David we are going on this trip in April 20th & have a conversation going between future & past travellers. If you log into this forum you'll find lots of useful information. Hope this helps let me know if you struggle to find it. Reagards Linda

Hey Linda.... yeah, struggling to find info!!!

(Maybe, it just me, but I don;t find the way this forum operates too intuitive?)


Hey Linda.... yeah, struggling to find info!!!

(Maybe, it just me, but I don;t find the way this forum operates too intuitive?)


There is a few vietnam cycling youtube vids on showing the exodus cycling trip Some wear loose everyday shirts,others lycra...all depends on your own preferences though take a rain jacket also,

@Rayan: Thanks for info.... useful stuff.

Hi David I replied to an email but maybe you didn't get this comment?

 I agree it's not so easy to get started obviously you've signed up into the "Community" try this link

or if that doesn't work put in the dates of our trip April 20th may help - is that your trip too? Whether or not you will find good info of fellow cyclists. If that fails try asking Exodus to help?



Hello Linda.... thanks for the link..... some useful info there!

No, I am signed up for 27 Feb trip


Hi David - my partner Rob and I are also on the Feb 27th trip.  We're getting really excited!  

You don't really need anything special on top whilst cycling, but proper padded bike shorts make a huge difference in terms of comfort on the bike.  There are many different types - some that look like regular casual shorts.  I would highly recommend!

See you in Saigon next week! 


Are GPS routes provided for use on cycling ccomputers?

Is there wifi/3g available?

Hi All,


We are off on this trip on Monday, just wanted to check from those of you that have already been, do the bikes have bottle cages fitted or do we need to take them?

Thanks Dan


My wife & I completed this trip in March 2017. Great trip - really enjoyed it. You can wear what you like to ride - though from a comfort perspective I'd recommend padded shorts. All bikes come with a bottle cage but you need to take your own bottle with you. The bottles are re-filled frequently so you don't need a huge bottle. I'd take a light rain top too - we had a bit of rain on the upper section of the descent from Dalat. 

Fantastic trip that I did last year. I took 2 pairs of padded cycling shorts to wear under normal shorts - alternating them to be clear. Essential kit. Water bottles required, the staff refill them during breaks while you eat and drink to your heart's content. Don't expect to lose weight!

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