Vietnam Explorer 5th Aug departure

Hi fellow Vietnamese adventurers. This is my first Exodus trip and I'm really looking forward to it now it's confirmed. Just wondering who else is going?

Also starting to think about any essentials I'll need to take that I might not have thought about - you know, those little things that when you're there you think 'I really wish I'd brought...' - so if anyone has done this trip all handy hints would be gratefully received!


Hi Louise! I've just booked the trip last minute, really looking forward to it. I have never been in one of these before so can't offer any advice I'm afraid. Are you traveling from London as well? Do you know how many others are going? I've got my vaccinations booked for Saturday!!! Take care, Mel

Hi Mel & Louise, I'm on the trip with my wife (couldn't go on any of the other dates). Our flights are from Heathrow at 14:45 on 5 August.
No particular tips but a DEET mosquito repellant has worked well for us in the past (we went to Thailand on a similar trip 4 years ago). If it is like Thailand then it won't get cold so little need for warm stuff. A light scarf for covering shoulders is useful to visit temples.

useful to bring hand wash & wet wipes

Hi Everyone !!

I'm booked on this trip too ... also last min :-) and was told there were 11 of us but maybe others have booked since. I'm flying from LHR on an 11:55am flight ... anyone else on this flight? Would be nice to perhaps meet up before check in or be in contact before then to maybe try and sit together (if we can be that organised) !! :-) I've travelled with Exodus before 4 yrs ago to India/Nepal and was really happy with everything so decided to try another adventure with them.

Look forward to meeting you all and see you soon !!

Hi, I'm Mel and have recently booked on trip too. Am also travelling on 11.55 from LHW on 5th so could meet up at the airport, either before check in or maybe easier in departures lounge?


Just booked this trip, and you though you were last minute!

This will be my 10th trip with Exodus.

I don't know what flight I am on at the moment, but flying from Heathrow.

See you soon.

Also on the 11:55 flight from Heathrow to KL. Maybe see you in the departure lounge.

We're booked about 3pm flight, so guess we'll see you at the briefing

I can't seem to check in online, anyone else having issues?

Likewise couldn't check in- phoned Exodus and they seemed to be able to sort seats - for outward and inbound flights. Advice was try again this evening- sometimes takes hours for check in to go 'live'.

Hi, I had trouble on iphone but when used PC could log in okay for outbound Lhw to Kuala Lumpur only, not connecting flight.

I know it's a little bit offtopic but my friends are flying to Vietnam soon. Would you have some advises for them? You know. About anything. Thx.

Hi everyone! Glad to hear I'm not the only last minute! Also looks like I'm not the only Mel ☺!!

I haven't been able to check in online, I'm on the 11.55am flight from Heathrow, I phoned Malaysian airlines at the airport and they said they were having pertinent and they will check me in tomorrow when I get there?! So hopefully it will all go smoothly! Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow, not long to go now!

All checked-in, although I can't print my boarding pass. Have to get that tomorrow.

On flight MH3, I am in seat 55E - I hate being stuck in the middle for long flights, I can never sleep.

And flight MH752 in seat 8A - as a day flight I like to sit next to the window, and in front of the wing so the photos don't have exhaust shimmer from the engines. Also the left side will always be looking over land, whereas the right might be looking out to sea.

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