Visa for Uganda

Hi is anyone else having issues with the Ugandan visa application.  It took me about 6 attempts to finally submit my application because their server kept crashing.  

Then I noticed the reply had gone to my junk email.   

The reply tells you, that for the application to be processed you have to pay online (the trip notes say you take a letter and $50 with you.)  I've gone back in to manage my application using the details they provided and it says application can't be found.

I'm waiting for the Embassy to get back to me now. 

Just wondered if anyone else has had issues or if anyone has a workaround?

I emailed the Ugandan Embassy didn't get a reply but when I tried again today, it's taken me to a secure payment screen so I've paid and had an email confirmation.

I guess you just have to keep trying till it goes though.

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