Walking Wild Greenland

Hi, we are walking wild Greenland in August. 

Wondering about walking poles. We walk a lot, have done some volcanoe/mountain walking and have never used poles.

They are recommended in the trip notes, but we dont really feel we need them or want to take extra weight in the packing.

Any thoughts from anyone?

Julie, Like you I don't use poles so am not planning to take any.

Any plans to take Icelandic or Danish kroner for the occasional beer or postcard?

Wilf, we have had no idea on this, probably just take Iceland currency, a £100 maybe. We do not drink much, so not bothered about alcohol.


Julie, unfortunately I do like my beer so have bought some Danish kroner. I thought I had about £30 of Icelandic kroner left over from a previous trip but it seems I gave them to a neighbour. I think Iceland is heavily into plastic so I'll wait until I get there.

Not a lot of activity on this forum is there? My first trip with Exodus so this is a new idea for me.

My "soft" suitcase looks awfully small for 10 days.

Hi , I did this trip - with a different company  - last year . However the walks  / hotels / flights etc for Greenland are the same.

Iceland  - you arrive at international airport Keflavik . However for flight to Greenland you go from downtown city domestic airport , not Keflavik . Landing at Kulusuk chances are you simply walk to the hotel , visible from airport , ( 20 minutes ) while the  luggage is transferred in a  minibus or similar. 

Iceland is massively into using plastic , for everything. Even small purchases from street vendors ( hot dogs )  can be done with debit card.

Hotel Klettur is few minutes walk from main street , so access to night life/ shops etc.

Greenland - is part of Denmark so takes Danish Krone. 

Kulusuk is tiny , more a settlement . So no shopping or bar hopping unless its in the hotel .

Tasillaq is a small town ( but a metroplis compared to Kulusuk ) . There is one ATM in the supermarket , so you can get krone there if required  . The hotel accepts cards for any extras ( bar bill , helicopter trips, boat trips  ? ) . Hotel is at top of a STEEP hill but views are amazing.

Transfer between the two locations in Greenland is by helicopter , so dont take a huge rigid suitcase. Holdalls , squashable luggage would be easier . The helicopter will take pilot plus 4 plus luggage so the weight and distribution is critical , this affects who travels in which flight. The luggage gets packed into side panels of helicopter. Thats luggage PLUS all your day packs etc. Its pretty snug in the cabin but again , amazing views on the 15 minute flight.

To answer the original question - poles. Personally,  I took mine because I am lazy, however didnt use all the time . You dont really need them as there is no "mountain" to speak of. Would compare to fells in Yorkshire Dales. all paths are good and easy to manoever with care in some parts.

Not sure if Exodus provide a mosquito netting hat cover, if not then certainly take one with you . Summer in Greenland is midge / fly season. You can purchase them from hotel or supermarket in Greenland but might be cheaper to buy beforehand. Also take some insect repellant because those midges are very persistent .

Dogs - lots and lots of huskies , everywhere. They are working dogs not pets , so dont approach them . Usually chained up but they may bark loudly at anyone walking nearby .

Finally , its super long daylight hours in Iceland and Greenland this time of year , so I took my own eye shades to help sleep at night . The hotels dont have "blackout " curtains so if light bothers you then best  go prepared.

Hi MB, thanks for the comments. Very Helpful. What did you do if anything about some kind of shoe or sandal to wade streams? The packing list recommends some? Did you wade through deep water, or will the decent waterproof walking boots be ok?


Hi Julie

there were only a few of times of wading , its glacier melt so you dont linger !! I had some - cheap - open sandals that I was not bothered about ( if they got wet /ruined etc . The kind with velcro fastening. They dried out and I can still use them .  Yopu cant really go bare foot as the stones and rocks can be sharp  & slippery .

You will want to get out of there as quickly as possible,  but safely,  due to the freezing numbing of your feet and toes . Its not too deep , just cold. Dont forget a little hand towel or cloth to dry your feet afterwards . You will be so happy to have dry socks to put back on.

Its not miles of crossing or river wading , maybe 20 yards three or four  times .  Its too deep for hiking boots , they will get ruined/drenched as water will go over the top and inside. Say up to knee height , so you could roll trousers up but we all stripped trousers off ( with shorts underneath )  for crossing or some of the guys had zip off hiking trousers .

If you do take poles they come in handy for a bit of balance during the wading but are not a must .  

To contrast  , on another walk you may end up going across icy,  snow paths where you need to lift your toes and dig your heel in for each step. Sort of like braking hard in a car pedal position. 

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