Water Treatment in Nepal


When I did the Everest Base Camp trip with Exodus about 5 years ago water purification tablets were mandatory as they didn't want anyone to buy bottled water in plastic bottles due to recycling problems. I'm booked on the Annpurna Circuit in April and the trip notes say that water treatment tablets are now optional. Does anyone know what the drinking water situation is on the Annapurna Circuit trip?


I did the circuit in 2011, so this may not be up to date. There are a number of 'safe drinking water stations' where water is purified by ozonation - I seem to recall the price was about 20 rupees a litre, but could be wrong. Where there were no stations, I drank boiled water purchased from tea houses.

Hi, I've been to Nepal many times and my advice is to take plenty of tablets, I always treat 'safe' or 'filtered' water (available in some lodges). I got most of my water from outside stand-pipes or sink taps in front of the lodges you stay at then treat this. Don't take water from taps inside lodges as the pipework may be dodgy. Please try and refrain from bottles for environmental reasons.

Try searching for these on Amazon:

"NEW 2016 Travel Tap 'Flip Spout ' 800ml pure water filter bottle - 1600 litres"

"Sawyer Products SP128 Mini Single Water Filtration System - Blue"

I've used the bottle recently in India on trek and it works fine. I used to use a Pentapure one in Nepal that was more sturdy but they don't seem to do those now. I just take water from taps along the way.

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