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Looking at the TNG trip notes, it says that weight limits on internal flights in Nepal are limited to 10Kg. Anyone know how strict that is for the Kathmandu to Lukla flight these days? I know they're small planes from a previous trek. I'm damned if I can get my combined bag and rucksack weight below 12Kg. The 20Kg limit for the international flight is not a problem as I come in at 18Kg for that for the stuff I want. The Pokhara flight used to be 12Kg as I recall, and not that strict either, but they're much larger planes.

Sorry if this comes too late for your own trip but...

The 10kg luggage allowance on flights to and from Lukla applies to checked in hold luggage, your main kit bag. You also have another 5kg for hand luggage, which for us trekkers will be our day pack or ruck sack.

In my experience (on full flights) there was some flexibility with the weight limit. My own kit bag came in at 10.6kg and the rest of our group was around the same. No one was substantially under 10kg and no one was told their bag was too heavy.

We were however as a group charged "excess baggage" which as far as I was concerned was just a tip for the airport staff. We were told the group was collectively 20kg over weight, which was rubbish. That would have meant each bag for the eight of us would have to have been 2.5kg over weight and that simply wasn't the case. We weighed them before leaving the hotel. The "tip" was still less than £2 each so we just got on with it.

Thanks Garry. It's not too late as we moved our trip until this October instead. Just as well as we would have been in Kathmandu on the day of the earthquake if we hadn't! Hopefully the FCO will allow this trip to go ahead and we'll be free of natural disasters.

I'll be taking a 65L rucksack which squashes down but wouldn't normally qualify as hand luggage but I think that's the typical day pack size of a trip like TNG one as one needs to carry all weather gear as one walks. If there's some flexibility on the weight allowance then I'm very happy to pay the cost/tip.

Thanks for your reply.

Hi D J
Hope you have a great trip. On your return please can you post your experience re weight limits on the flight to/from Lukla
Hoping to do Everst Base Camp in April

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