Western Explorer - AFL /Departure on 15 September

Hi - I am looking for folks travelling on 15 September to San Francisco ( Western Explorer trip).
The transfer for this trip is not organised, so I thought it would be a good thing to share a taxi and some ideas for spending this short time in SF.

Hi there,

I am Martyn and I'll be flying out to San Francisco on the 15th. It would be definately good to meet up with someone who is on the trip and to share a cab fare :)

Hi Martyn and Liliana
I am also on the trip. We could meet up at the airport before departure so we can keep an eye on each other when we land. I would prefer to share a taxi too.

Hi, fellow travellers. I too will be on the trip on the 15th Sept... Joint transfers sounds like a good idea to me ....Dean

Guys, just so that we have a more effective way of arranging things, feel free to add on Facebook (Marty N. Anthony) so we can more effectively arrange a meet up (most likely at Heathrow) prior to boarding.



Hi Martyn, Mandy and Dean - it looks that we have a team! Mandy has suggested a good idea - to try to meet up before the departure. I will put my ‘Luggage Label 4 Life’ on my hand luggage, so we can spot each other earlier.
I have just posted a message on the Exodus Facebook page asking for any interesting tips from people who have done this trip or visited these places. Hopefully we will get some responses - check the post closer to the departure date. Liliana

Good plan Liliana - I will do the same as I don't use Facebook.

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