What things will always be in your suitcase?

By the word "things" I do not mean clothes, but something that helps you during various travels. What do you take with you on tour?

you need to check your luggage carefully.

in my suitcase always are:

passport, underwear, socks, phone charger, waterproof notebook, water bottle, hairbrush, painkillers, camera, deodorant, first aid kit, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, eye mask, glasses, mobile phone, trainers, hat, books, snacks!

lightweight travel towel even if it's a hotel based trip because...well you know what some hotel towels can be like

silk sleepingbag liner, again you know what bedding can be like in remote places

one of those plastic klippit things to reseal bags of snacks/nuts etc

my inflatable camping pillow, essential for snoozing on planes and buses

and finally everything packed in packing cubes to by the end of the holiday I can still find everything rather than having to rummage through a disorganised kitbag


toothbrush + toothpaste, no exceptions.

apart from that, sunglasses and at least 1 extra pair of shoes/sneakers!

I always travel with a spare pillowcase - some pillowcases on your  travels can be a bit grim (thinking sleeper trains, hostels etc) and it always feels familiar when you use it. On the way home it transports dirty laundry!

A good neck pillow

A water bottle, fill it after the security circus

A good eye mask, one that really blocks out the light.

Moisturiser, lip balm and the sort of eye drops the pharmacy sells for dry eyes.

A book, the paper kind. They never run out of power.

A calendar. Check your travel plan,schedule..etc

When you're traveling for a business trip, family trip or adventurous then these smart things can make your trip hustle free. Passport, comfortable clothes (with innerwear), water bottle, footwear, pillowcase, power bank, medicines, important documents, socks, Girls don't forget beauty products.

If the purpose is to travel and enjoyment. 


I think you need to bring spare money, a camera to take sceneries of the landscapes,

You should always anticipate the season where you will be going since it will determine your clothes.

I always take a door stop with me to use in hotel rooms.  Important for solo travellers if you are unsure of the durability of the locks on some of the hotel doors!

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