Where? What? How do I do this?


No idea how to start this but I’m after some advice. Now before anyone has a go, I know this isn’t an agony aunt page, but please hear me out. 


So about 3 months ago, my girlfriend of over 2 years got a job working abroad with a travel company known as Thomas cook. Now that’s great for her as she’s been wanting to do this for so long. The plan was for me to go out there with her and get a job in a bar somewhere. Now like every couple does, we‘ve had our arguments along the way. She recently has told me that due to these arguments she can’t see me with her when she goes. Whenever she pictures hersef in greece or turkey or Spain or wherever she get she located, she can’t picture me beside her. This has taken me by surprise, I mean I know know we've argued a bit recently but she really has just hit me with this one. 


I love this girl with all my my heart and it kills me to think that she can’t she cant see a future with me.


However, I'm bit of a a forward planner. Now I know if she turns to me on her final month and says, ‘I’ve made my mind up. I don’t want want you to go with me’ then I need a backup plan. Because there is no way I can just Sit here and cry and moan about the fact that she’s shes gone. I need to get out, and just like she is for following her dream, I would love to follow mine. 




My dream is so simple that it’s almost too easy, but I need some advice. I’ve always wanted to live in a small town in America. I’ve always pictured myself in a small town place with very little there. Just the people. Not so small that there’s nothing to do but not so big that you’re distracted with big corporations and making sure you’re the head honcho in town. I want to work in a small bar. I’ve thought about New York a lot but I want to be realistic. Maybe one day. Just want somewhere nice and relaxed. I don’t even want to know anyone, I just want a fresh start.


I think a fresh start is what I need. My girlfriend sounds pretty certain about this. I mean things are good at the moment but I think her mind is made up. 


So if anyone has any suggestions then please few free to reply or message me. 



Much Appreciated 


Make or Break

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