Who else is joining this trip?

Hi guys,

I know it seems such a long way away at the moment, but who else is booked on this trip?

Hello! We are four crazy Antarctica fanatics, and only have 360 or so days to wait before meeting you...and boarding our beloved Akademik Sergei Vavilov ! See ya!

Just noticed that the ship is fully booked... So where is everybody? Cannot believe nobody knows about the Exous community! Hope to hear from you soon... Merry Christmas!

There was someone else that had posted a comment but it appears to have disappeared. Not sure what happened, but then it does not have the Trip names listed either, so that may explain, others may not realise it is the right trip.

All well and good knowing about this community, getting the site to work is a completely different matter! I was the one that commented previously and it now seems to have been deleted.

Anyone have any recommendations or have they been before on a trip like this? I was hoping to get on a kayak while out there but apparently this is purely photography.

On the topic of photos, what is everybody's weapon of choice when it comes to a camera in Antarctica?

Hi Raffers, Glad you made it back, yes very strange that the posts disappeared. But all good now.

Equipment for me is a Nikon, as will be my room mate, with a selection of lens's between us, and a tripod for when we are on dry land.

As for experience, I did a very similar trip on the Vavilov back in 2010, so a return journey for a dew of us. AND WE ARE SO EXCITED. It was an amazing trip and we still remember so much of it, so looking forward to some new memories to add to them.

SO if you have any questions let us know and we will see if we can help.

Happy New Year .

Happy new year to you all!

Good stuff, yet to purchase a camera but had all the intentions of getting an SLR. What a better place to get a bit of practice with than the south!

What are the temperatures like? I just been on Yeomans website and picked up some more thermals. I snowboard usually (on hold this year while I visit some penguins) so I have the majority of the clothing used to sub zero temps and snow but wondered if there was anything to expect or should prep for?

I read the other week that the only orthodox church on Antarctica was actually taken over by the Vavilov from Russia. Quite the workhorse this ship of ours.

Do you think we will get to visit the post office? I have a mate that says he would never speak to me again if I didn't send him a postcard from Antarctica. Bit harsh I thought but then I probably would say the same to him.

Hi Rafffers,

If you are looking at getting a camera, I would suggest getting it in plenty of time to practice with it before we go away, There will be plenty of people on board to help you with it, but always good to understand it before we go. And as it is a photographic trip you want to get more from your photos, not just learn the basics - if that makes sense.

The Temperature - our trip was mid - late January and I did not find it that cold, but did have thermal vest on etc, I did have a couple of fleeces that I never even used. but it was a case by case basis on people being cold. Layers is defiantly the best way to go. I found if it was a landing, then not an issue as you can move around and keep yourself warm, but when if out on the zodiacs for an outing then legs tended to get cold, and you can't really move around.

The ship itself was always warm, happily walked around in T-shirts with perhaps light jumper to hand.

We certainly had a couple of chances to send post cards, and I still have one of them on the front of my fridge now, so no excuse to fall out with friend.

Thank you, I just went digging for my bag of souvenirs, and found my diary of the trip and I did record the temps,

once a day i listed the lat/longwind and temp, and looking through only had on day when i listed a - figure, all the rest ranged from 0-10.

I have had an email through today with the flight times etc, and it looks like 9 months today I will be making my way to the airport to get on a plane to start this amazing trip, can't wait!.

Saw that 9 people had posted on this trip... but actually only cg.moo (hi, there!), raffers (hello).... and myself! (hi me)
OK so I am a Canon person, and will also have a few lenses with me, but whatever the camera, I agree with moo, you really need to take time to know it BEFORE you sail, to get the max out of it when you need it! The good thing about Antarctica is that you can get quite close (5m) to wildlife, so no need for extravagant telezoom!
Temperatures were mild in January, but we are earlier in the season, so 4-5 layers could be necessary. And yes, the coldest moments are when we go on the Zodiac cruises. And some people felt the cold more than my friend moo did........
I think the people who booked for kayaking enjoyed what they did... unfortunately after they had paid for the equipment, the weather did not permit to do much of it! So waste of some money, sadly.
You can send cards from South Georgia and from the Antarctic bases (we sent some from Vernadsky).
OK... so see you in 125 days and a bit...

Jenni, I got excited that there was an update, but it was only you.

Well I think we know now that it can only be us on the trip. great news, we get a zodiac each, and our own guides,

If only, I am sure there are many others, that either don't know about the departure lounge or are just happy reading our nonsense. A shame as it would be nice to hear from others about what they are looking forward to.

After my last updates with Raffers I did go through all of my bits from last time and it was so nice.

Sorry I haven't been on in a while, I have bee trying out my gear. Ended up with a Canon 700d with standard lens and had practice in Edinburgh Zoo taking wildlife photographs this weekend and working out all of the settings. Might try and program some settings to make it a bit easier as well for switching through. Not quite in the wild but I suppose it was a start! Thanks for the suggestion Jenni but I may still invest in a telephoto lens anyway as I want to capture some of the landscapes as well.

So, where are you all travelling from? Is anyone travelling from Manchester Airport or you lot going from London? I wondered how long we would get in the stop overs as it seems there will be Santiago and Buenos Aires. I wouldn't mind having a quick butchers around one of those places while I am so far from home.

I am pretty fricking excited about this trip and looking forward to finally being able to visit the Falklands after having a bit of twitter banter with a couple of them in the past.

I spoke to exodus about the kayaking and it seems they will not be extending this anyway on this trip. I suppose it doesn't matter too much for me anyway, I booked weekend kayak trip in June to Skye, not quite the backdrop of the Antarctic peninsula but i suppose it will do!

Would be nice if the others joined in. I still don't know who I am sharing with on the ship yet! I gave Exodus permission to share my email with my room mate but alas no contact. It shouldn't be an issue so long as they don't turn out to be crazed axe murderers.

Coming back on this site though means I see some of the other holidays, already planning next year. the Everest North Col Expedition looks like fun!

Toodles for now

Hi All,

Raffers good to hear that you have sorted your camera, at least you have a few good months to play with it before going. It does make a big difference. And penguins at the zoo is great, but once you have seen them in the wild in their natural environment you will never see them the same again in the zoo. I have been to London Zoo since our trip and out of all of the animals it was hardest to see the penguins. Although they have great enclosure it is not the same.

As for lens's i will be taking a telephoto, you never know when you might want it. I did use mine before so will be daft to leave it behind. but it is very heavy, that is the only drawback.

You mentioned the Falklands, I don't think we will have long there as on the itinerary we are already at sea on day 2 on way to South Georgia, Hopefully they will let us have some time in Stanley, and I know we did a lovely walk just outside Stanley so that would be good to do again. Have you been watching the BBC2 documentary on Friday's about the Falklands, It has been really enjoyable.

I am travelling from Heathrow, and have seen the flight details so it does look like we get some time in both cities at either end, We get to Santiago on the afternoon of the 20th,

I live in London, so the Heathrow departure suits me,

I am getting excited too which is not helped by work colleagues keep coming and asking me how much longer till trip. But 7 months from tomorrow. hooray!

would love to hear from any one else joining us.

Bye for now. Have a good weekend.

Hi Raffers & Jennie,
It probably does not help that when I first started the discussion that it did not keep the trip details, so perhaps no-one knows which trip we are on about.

But then no-one else has started another conversation, so perhaps it was just my wishful thinking.

Hello Everyone
Can my husband and I join your club?
This will be our third trip on the Vavilov and our second to Antarctica. After our 2010 trip, where the weather was perfect, we vowed to never go again because we thought it would never be so good. Our last trip on Vavilov was with Paul Goldstein to the Arctic in 2013. It was he who got us interested in his annual Photographic Special to Antarctica, so here we are!
My husband Leslie is more of a photo nut than I am, In fact, when people start to talk about lenses my eyes glaze over and I realize I am wondering what to cook for tea! I have banned him from buying another lens for this holiday though we are in discussion about a new laptop / i-pad so that we can see and delete loads of images after every excursion.
We are both getting really excited now and are looking forward to meeting everyone.
Bye for now.


Great to have more of you on board!(sorry bad pun). so there will be a few of us for our 3rd outing on the Vavilov. After out 2010 outing a number of us from our outing have always wanted to return to Antarctica, and this trip just seemed to tick so many boxes. And very strangely 3 of us also did a PG to the Arctic but we did ours in 2011.

As you have been on board before you know that you don't need to be a photo nut to enjoy the trip. It is a great trip how ever we enjoy it.

so looking forward to the trip.

Oups... I think I missed about 100 days in my last count of 125... more like 225 it must have been? Anyway, welcome Peppersmum, yes absolutely you can join our "club". It's good fun to see that we more or less have the same history of trips to Antarctica/Vavilov/PG... In any case, the way the tickets sold, I imagine people knew what they were signing up for...LOL!
Bless you Raffers for choosing Canon, and yes, I will also have my 70-200, very useful in most cases! I loved the bit about the axe murderer!!!!!
Our group's sad news is that there will only be 3 instead of 4 (somebody on the waiting list is gonna get lucky!), and we will all be travelling from LHR, although Sonia & I will have flown in from GVA (and yes, we speak french!)
I agree with moo that we probably will not spend much time in Stanley... weird place anyway...
So, anybody else out there?

Wasn't going to join in till nearer the time but the thought of a axe murderer being on board is intriguing !

No locks on the Vavs cabin doors meaning he could strike at any time !

Hopefully he is a Nikon user (like me) so Canon users beware !

Could do with a crime solving due on board - Del & Rodney Trotter I believe successfully apprehended a axe murderer a few years ago !

By the way South Georgia is a cracking place

Um, Diggers, nice to have you on board, but your reasons for joining have made me laugh, Although as Raffers is concerned that it will be his room mate, don't think he will be too bothered about not being able to lock his cabin door!

Oh dear, Can we have some nice things to talk about. Did you all see PG's link about the world penguin day on Saturday, some great shots, and hopefully we will be able to get some of our own very soon.

Raffers- due to Jo dropping out I am now in the same position as you in that I will be looking to see who I end up sharing with. Although I am OK to wait until we get on board.

Bye for now.

LOL! Sorry about the &amp... had a good laugh though, and I am pleased to see that we will be sharing with some good humored people/axe murderers...Canon & Nikon alike, probably? Was I meant was my friend Sonia & I live in Geneva, Switzerland... but we are flying to London to join the group flight out.
Anybody booked seats to PG's presentation on May 18th? We will definitely bee there... and I suggest we carry an axe so than we can meet?

It puts itself in.....not my fault!

I love the feel of you it is useful. Note: Hyperlink removed.

Hi Jenniebee, sorry I've left my axe at home ;o) but I'll be at Paul's talk this evening. I'm wearing a shirt with polar bears, so hopefully you can recognise me and I'll see you there! I'm sure that there will be other people who are going on this trip too.

Glad that you left the axe at home, and hopefully everyone will do the same for the trip.

Emmanuelle, sorry but we did not see your mail before the presentation, so was not looking out for your shirt. As usual Paul was entertaining and showed some great new photos.

Well, suggesting an Axe murderer certainly got the community buzzing on this forum, should have mentioned it earlier!

I missed the presentation unfortunately but then it was a little far for me to travel. Only 176 days to go (and 6 hours before I board my first flight!) and can't help but see everything as a reminder of the trip. There was a random article about storing ice from other parts of the world down south.

Some of the more seasoned travellers on this trip will probably be of assistance on this question but in terms of money, how much do you actually spend while on the ship? I understand that our meals are inclusive but is there anything of note to really spend your money on other than in the duty free at the airport??

Hi all. Can we expand the club by two more please? Me and my fiancee Rachel will be joining you on this trip. So excited!! Actually, thinking about it, Rachel will be my wife by November - we're getting married in Aug and this will be our honeymoon :) Even more excited. And no , we wont be spending the entire trip in our cabin ;) We're no spring chickens if you get what i mean and this is definitely a full on, 100%, 24 hours a day photography trip. OMG - PG 24 hours a day for 17 days! 14 hours of a PG safari is tough enough, how will we survive 24x7 and more? ;) 173 days, 23 hours to 'Marmite on Ice" - cant wait.

If my previous trips to the Antarctic (on the Khlebnikov) are anything to go by, anything you 'buy' on whilst on board (laundry, bar bills, email charges etc ) are charged to your cabin and you settle up with a credit card at the end, so you dont need any cash for this.

Hi Paul & Rachel, nice to have more in the group, welcome.

Raffers- Paul is right you end up with a bill at the end and payment through plastic of cash,whatever suits, Plastic was better for us as it means that you don't need to worry about carrying cash around with you, as you also need to include the crews tip.

As for how much will you spend that really us your call, Breakfast is not an issue, but i am guessing that you will want some sort of drink with lunch & dinner, so your call if soft drink or alcohol. On the menu each day they tend to have a list of wines that are on board, and if you want a bottle to yourself they will kindly store for you and bring it back next day - of course unless you opt to drink it all in one session.......

In the bar you can get tea/coffee/water for free during the trip, but anything more than that will be added to your bill.

the laundry - this is personal choice - i did use it, but I know that on both of my previous trips neither of my rooms mates did, so again your call, either use it and enjoy your holiday, do your own as you go along, or take enough of everything that you don't need to do either_ but have a feeling that is one big case!

On board ship,......well i know that two of our companions were addicted and visited every time it opened. but as for how much they spent, really not sure, everyone will be different, although if you go in often enough you will talk yourself into buying anything!

And as mentioned above, we will be asked about leaving a tip for the staff, from memory the trip notes advise what the daily amount is, and again his is personal choice, and only you can decide if they are worth the amount or more or less..........

So as for how much will it all come to......no one knows! but hopefully you will know if you are a drinker or not, as I guess this normally ends up being the largest part of the bill.

Hope this has helped.

Back to Paul - 24 hours of PG are you mad!!!!!! no one can cope with him for that long!

Wow time is going so quick, hard to believe that 5 months today we will be at the airport, trying to spot our fellow travelers!

The Exodus labels on the hand luggage always helps, but it fun to try and spot everyone! Now no wearing shorts and flipflops at the airport to try an put us off the scent.

Just paid the final bill so now it's all good stuff till we embark. This will be my second trip to this part of the world and really can't wait. Interested to see how the Vavilov handles the Drake lake on the way back. Travel pills at the ready.

Hi Kevin,
Nice to see you now have a name rather than be anonymous. Looks like it is second trip for a few of us.

As for Vavilov on the drake it will do great, We had a great storm on our last trip down that way, and she did very well, it was the passengers that struggled.

Hello everyone who has so far registered. We are paying today and are looking forward to the trip and meeting everyone.

Hi guys ... my husband Mike and I have been booked on this trip since April/May last year! We've been trying hard not to get too excited too soon, but now it's getting nearer .....
Met one or two people in Norway that I think will be joining us, so it will be nice to have a couple of familiar faces.
Mike is the real photographer - I'm his "glamorous assistant" (well, that's my story!). But I'm the real Shackleton fan. We are so looking forward to this .. it's been a long time coming!

Hi to Africat, anonymous& Mike,

Great to have more on board, I am assuming that everyone should have paid by now, so making it feel so much closer.

We booked around the same time as you, so it does seem so long ago now that we made the decision,

Spending the time at the moment trying to improve my photo skills, but there is always something to learn.

Anyone getting even more excited?

Hi Paul

YES!, but difficult as I have been excited since I booked it, but had to keep the excitement under wraps so as not to annoy everyone around me!

Now it's all paid for I guess it makes it more real.

There we are, have reached septem-ber! Still a bit over 11 weeks before we fligh up to London then down towards Port Stanley. And yes, the payment was a bit of a shock to the bank account, but I am confident that it will be sooooooo worth it!
See you all soon!

Hi everyone,
I also hope to be on this trip and am looking forward to meeting you all. Rafters, I am also travelling from Manchester so there is now at least two of us! Don't worry about not knowing your cabin mate as when I went to the Artic with PG in 2014, no-one knew who they were sharing with until we got on board. As far as I am aware that did not cause any problems and I am sure there are others who are still in contact with some of their fellow travellers. Obviously it does help if you are flexible and not a closet axe murderer, would I be safer introducing myself on the ship rather than at Manchester? Congratulations to Payl and Rachel, I hope you had a lovely day and what a fantastic honeymoon!! Sue

Apologies to Raffers and Paul for mistyping their names.

...and we should be boarding our dear ASV in Port Stanley after a long journey South, yippeee! Bought an extra fleece today (I only had about 7) and some boots, considering buying a new lens (28-300 Canon) but maybe not...
Anyway, no new post in past 2 weeks, so thought I would drop one tonight for anybody who knows about this forum.
I am beginning to get really excited, especially when the weather is slowly drifting towards autumn, in a nice way at the moment.
See you soon and looking forward to it!

Jennie, you got a new fleece, and my replacement fleece lined waterproof trousers arrived today, did not think my ripped ones from 2010 would survive the next outing!

Hi all,
Having just received Paul's email about our trip, it suddenly feels very close and real. By the tone of the text it sounds as if Paul hasn't changed a bit (thank goodness)!
After much debating my husband Leslie has "upgraded " his Nikon and is frantically learning what all the buttons do. He also has a new lightweight Mac computer to download his photos to. All I can say is that it's very quiet in our house as he is constantly reading one manual or other!
I am trying to not get too excited yet but it's amazing how often the holiday comes up in our conversations. I have downloaded the Port Stanley weather and webcam to keep an eye on things, if anyone is interested, it's 7 degrees and raining at the moment!
See you all soon.

Hi Peppersmum,
Rather than the weather, I am more intrigued by a man reading a manual, I need to hear more about this, it is concept that I have not seen before.

Hi Peppermum, what is this email you are talking about? Who gets it? What is in it? Is it only for a selected few?

Thank you Exodus for sending the email to us too!
OK so obviously PG is looking forward to this too and is giving us a few warnings: it's gonna be a tough one and nobody is going to sleep very much! Yeah!

Oh wow, less than 50 days to go! Time to think seriously about what i need to take with me. Does anyone know what type of electrical socket there are in the cabins? I've got 2-3 camera battery chargers and laptops to power and if there are enough UK style ones (3 flat pins, 250V), then i don't need to bother with lots of adapters. On the other hand if there aren't many and/or they're non-UK style, then i'll take a couple of adapters and a 4 gang power block.

Hi Paul

Direct from OneOceans FAQ's

What electrical current is available onboard?
The electrical supply on board is 220 volts 50 Hertz. You will need a European two (round) pin plug adapter, available at duty free or electrical supply shops.

Hope this helps

on my two previous trips, with laptop, ipods, camera's Kindles etc, never had a problem getting things charged in timely manner.

Hi Paul

Direct from OneOceans FAQ's

What electrical current is available onboard?
The electrical supply on board is 220 volts 50 Hertz. You will need a European two (round) pin plug adapter, available at duty free or electrical supply shops.

Hope this helps

on my two previous trips, with laptop, ipods, camera's Kindles etc, never had a problem getting things charged in timely manner.

Congratulations to Paul and Rachel, newly weds. This is a Golden Wedding trip for us. Yes getting excited now. Our first trio to the antartic. Not sure about footwear for the ship. If we are out on deck a lot do I need my fur boots? I do get cold feet. They are bulky but I am not loaded down with cameras. Just a little compact one for me. My husband can take the pics. He is still trying to get to grips with his camera and yes has even looked at manuals.

Hi Jo, welcome to the club.

Concerning footwear while on ship. We have found that walking shoes with good non slip souls are very good because the deck can get quite slippy when it's very wet or icy. If you out on deck for long periods of time the furry boots could be good but they would be very warm when you are inside. Often the call to go on deck is when you least expect it and you could miss something exciting if you have to go back to your cabin to change your footwear.

Congratulations on your golden wedding anniversary, our excuse for the holiday is that it is our 30th next week.

Looking forward to meeting everyone soon.

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