Who is Travelling

Nice to know who else is on this trip. I see Lynnda is asking but I am a bit new to this forum contact.

My wife and I are going and we live in West London

Nick & Jen

Hi There

I am traveling on the 25th March to Costa Rica and looking forward to meeting my fellow travellers.
I am from the (at the moment) frozen north (Sheffield) so I am hoping the weather will be at least warm.


I am going on the trip that starts on the 14th March . Travelling from London the day before (13th) to stay an extra night in San Jose. Wondering who my fellow travellers are and really looking forward to the trip.


I'm Karen. I'm travelling to Costa Rica (Discover Costa Rica trip) on the 26th March. It would be lovely to make contact with one or two fellow travellers. I travelled solo with Exodus once before and made some great friends. I am travelling solo again and as I am not on the group flight am a little nervous about it all!!

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