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Hi , our names are Roger and Alex and we will be on the Wildlife and Wilderness of Botswana in October 2016. We are just introducing ourselves to any fellow travelers who will be also be on this trip. :-))

Hi Roger and Alex - Jo my partner and I look forward to meeting you two. Have you been to this area before?

We're out of London on the first October. You?

Hi Bob and Jo.
I've been to Victoria Falls before , it's a totally amazing place. Breath taking. But as for the wild safari , it's a first for us. So really excited . Yes we are flying out of Heathrow .

We started a safari at Vic Falls - Zambian side - going to Cape Town, 10 years ago now (aagh). We did the Okavango bit in mokoros and it's dream come true time as we're finally going back. The Falls were rather unspectacular last time so maybe we'll get a bit more wow factor this October. Chobe waterfront was also a must to go back and Moremi etc just dreams till now. If you haven't done it then the flight over the Delta is well worth budgeting in, though saying that we probably won't do it again.
Do you want to get into more personal stuff - ages etc. Or shall we all have a surprise? Cheers for now BoB and Jo

Hi Rog my email says I have received 3 posts on this forum but when I get here, nothing. Don't know whether that's me. you, Eoxodus or someone else on the trip. Try to let me know by re-posting if it was you, OK?

Hi Bob you've answered all my posts so not sure whether it's the site.
Yeah we're happy to share personal stuff with you.
Really looking forward to the trip. And a few glasses of vino or a gin and tonic or six in the wilderness . :-))

Thanks Rog. It seems Exodus had an issue that is now resolved. More soon.

Good day from a very rainy St Helens. Hope all is well. We are counting down the days until October 1st to start our exciting adventure. Just looking at sleeping bags and pillows etc .

Anyone on this trip !

Hi Rog, beena bit busy which includes a wonderful 10 days in Lisbon and whale watching in the Azores. Saw many whales including a Blue and turtles and flying fish. It was a fantastic trip. What have you decided about sleeping bags? We were thinking of one between us opened out like a thin duvet. Research so far seems to come up with Makgadikgadi Pans could be 9 or 10 degrees at night which we reckon is far from freezing and if that's the coldest then we can throw on a fleece if necessary. We can't remember getting into a sleeping bag on either of our other trips to Africa. Interested to hear your view. Oh, do you think it might be just you and us, your shout-out didn't seem to get any response? Cheers for now and we agree counting down the days, apart from the annual trip to WOMAD in a fortnight. Take care, BoB and Jo in sunny Devon

Hi, Have you guys read the reviews in Community? I've just discovered the 2 latest May and June so weather remarks not so applicable but the one that is almost a complete diary really made me want to get to October pronto. Have a great weekend.

Hi Bob,
Yeah we read the reviews and it sounds amazing. We are wishing the weeks away till October. We got two 2/3 season sleeping bags and 2 pillows . And of course fleeces.. We spoke to exodus to ask a couple of questions and they told us there are 7 booked so far . I'm just debating whether my camera I have is adequate for the trip. I'm a novice with the camera stuff!! There is so much to think of to pack or not to pack. My email is [email protected]
Rog and Alex

Hi Rog
Did you get the sleeping bags on advice from Exodus or just go safe? 7 of us eh, or was that 7 in addition to you two? Sounds like a scrap for the seats by the window/sides! Sure we'll manage though. We both love photo-ing wildlife but only have good bridge cameras not DSLR's mine's a Fuji Finepix HS50 EXR and Jo has a comparable Cannon. Jo goes totally manual but I'm not sure I can get my head round it all in time, I usually let the camera sort out aperture though I've had it a year now. Old dogs and new tricks! Well that's another 10 minutes shaved off the time till October. Take care and happy shopping. BoB and Jo

Good day from a sweltering St Helens. My camera is a Panasonic Humix DMC FZ72 it seems a really good camera and has an optical x60 zoom . I think that's good as I'm not an expert with cameras . There are 7 of us in total .
Rog and Alex

You got the camera that I spent ages dithering over then went for the Fuji.
It's such lovely weather we're going camping in Cornwall tomorrow for a few days. I'm going to try out two camping pillows neither looks much like a pillow - haha.
Happy snapping.
BoB and Jo

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