Wildlife & Wilderness of Botswana Departing 12 March 2016

Hi, Is anyone looking forward to the Botswana trip,
Ron W

Hi Ron
Yes, i'm going on the Wildlife & Wilderness of Botswana in March too!

Hi, Are you going on the 12th March? There is one on the 26th as well. Have you been with Exodus before?
Ron W

Hi Ron, i'm going on 12/3 and looking forward to it! Have you been on many Exodus trips before?

Hi, ?,
I've been on five with exodus and can say that if you are concerned for any reason then don't be. I have to say I have also done this trip a couple of years ago but we went to Zambia on that one where we are going to Zimbabwe. If you need any info I'll try to help but I won't spoil anything for you except that Botswana is incredible!
There are three of us, my self, my wife and my daughter.
How many in your party? Have you been camping in Africa?

Hi Ron, I have no concerns whatsoever. I constantly 'sell' Exodus to my friends & Customers. This will be my 12th trip & last time i camped, it was with them in Kenya & Tanzania, which was a wonderful trip in more ways than one! I am travelling with my dear friend Jo..... we met on the plane flying out to 'Land of the Tiger' in 2008 & have been great friends ever since! Feel free to spill the beans, am sure you won't spoil anything! The only thing that concerns me slightly, which is out of our hands, is the weather... I see it still could be wet in March? Speak to you soon.

Sorry, just re read my post...... Shalln't be using the 'and' button again!

Hello Mandy, '&' yes I was wondering! You sound a serious Exodus traveller. I think this will be our 11th African trip. It seems that March is the tail end of the wet season so I suppose it's just a case of fingers crossed and hope for the best and include a waterproof coat, 'in case'! Last time in Botswana we had a flight problem and we went from London to Jo'burg and then a short flight to Maun, however our luggage stayed overnight in Jo'burg. That made it interesting! If I can think of anything vital I'll let you know, in the meantime,
Merry Christmas,

Hi Ron, you sound a serious African traveller! Have a great Christmas and speak in the New Year. All the best x

Hello Mandy,
Xmas over, New year here there's only the holiday to look forward to now. My daughter had a link sent to her that you might like to read.
Have a look at that, it looks very good.
Talk again soon,

Is there anyone going to Botswana on the 12 March?

Hi Ron, Happy New Year.
Yes, 2 months yesterday! Thanks for the link... had a read. Am getting even more excited now! Everyone i've spoken to about Botswana say its so beautiful! Do you know if you can book your seats on the plane in advance, or are you going to take a chance on check in?
You know we have a free day in Zimbabwe, do you think we'll have time to visit a national park there? Only asking you as you've been 11 times before!

Hello Mandy,
Botswana is Africa at its best, You won't be disappointed with it. I think you can book aeroplane seats but we never have done. the worst we had was sitting behind each other going to Mexico. When we did the trip before we saw Vic Falls, (that's how to say it as an experienced traveller!), from Zambia and we had the free day there. Our guide sorted out a 'walking with Lions trip which was amazing. We had one of our party who couldn't do that, she was gutted but the guide sorted out a morning playing with cheetah cubs, not a bad second prize! In the afternoon we had a helicopter flight through the Falls gorge, that wasn't bad either. If you look at the trip notes the 'Vic Falls Rest Camp' is where we are staying and there are 11 activities available, Elephant safari and various river based things. I am sure there will be something that will catch your eye. Google the camp and you'll see what I mean. There is also bungi jumping but they can't pay me enough to do that. A couple of things I was going to mention, 1st, when they say a long drive it really is that we had very long and very dry dusty roads we will be taking old clothes as you will get very dirty, and plenty of layers, tee shirts that sort of thing. the other thing is battery charging which will be mainly when we are travelling but a full trip is 12 people all wanting the same thing.
I think that's all for now if I think of anything else I'll let you know.
Talk again soon,

Hi Folks!
I'm heading out on this trip with you and counting down the days. :-) I'm travelling with my parentals on this one (don't worry I'm not a child - in age anyway - before my Dad posts anything!) Just wanted to pop by and day hi. As we're travelling as an odd number I was just wandering if anyone else is the same or on their own?

Welcome aboard! That's a coincidence my little girls name is Helen and she is coming with us she is ok but I do have to reel her in occasionally, Hang on, I may have got that a bit wrong, anyway what I was going to say on my last post is torches. Anyone who has not camped in Africa may not be aware of just how reliant you get on them as there is no light pollution. A good head torch will enable you to eat with a knife and fork for instance a small one that can hang in the tent is worth considering and a hand torch, and of course the batteries. Anything more I think of I'll let you know.
Ron, (Dad)

Thanks for all that information Ron! Lets hope the walking with lions is still on! When we booked in mid December, was just the 5 of us, now I see its fully booked.
And welcome to Helen, I am going with my friend Jo... another seasoned Exodus traveller, I look forward to meeting you. Have you been on many trips before?

Hi Mandy, thanks for the welcome! I have done a few 'Africa' trips, Kenya twice, Malawi & Zambia camping (exodus!) and 2014 I spent a month in South Africa working on a conservation reserve which was brilliant. I got a really good insight into things there. I have definately got the 'Africa bug'. I have my parents to thank for that really! I'm really excited about Botswana, I keep on seeing articles about it and how good it is. :-)

Hi again Helen and Ron, yes i keep seeing articles too... and then i read today the water levels of the Delta aren't so good in March and may not see so much wildlife either. Hope we're not disappointed!
Had my typhoid booster today and suffering somewhat... but hey! It'll all be worth it!!

Hope the arms not too sore! Mine is in a few weeks. I have just done a very quick bit if reading....... Some things have said that the lower water means that more parts of the delta are accessible that otherwise wouldn't be and that we're more likely to see juvenile and infant animals. We'll see! What will be will be.

Yes Helen, que sera sera!!
Met a friend of a friend today who is a very seasoned traveller, and says Botswana's the best holiday she's ever had... so much wildlife!
Have a good week x

Hi fellow travellers and adventurer, my husband and I are in the final preparation stage of this trip. Our first safari - camping no less! I've been to Lesotho so have an idea of what to expect. Do need to see wildlife. Fingers crossed for the weather. Any one know the average temps at night?

Hello Pat, Welcome to the forum! Ithink the temperatures will be around, 18 up to about 30ish so the evenings will be coolish perhaps a sweater no problems in the daytime. It does seem there will be some rain about though. As far as wildlife goes, if you haven't spent much time in the African bush before I don't think you'll be disappointed.
Seven days and counting, the countdown really has begun.
We're looking forward to it and meeting everyone. May see you in Heathrow Jo'burg or Maun Saturday or Sunday.
Best regards,
Ron Wildin

We (self plus Helen (yes another one!)) are looking forward to joining this trip. We have a friend, Judith, from Canada who is also going, together with a couple of Judith's friends also from Canada.

We have been with Exodus quite a lot, though not for a few years now. Previous trips to Africa have included a safari in the Ngorogoro Crater and Serengeti as well as climbing Kilimanjaro.

Should be fun, see you there. We are flying BA from Leeds/Bradford, so will probably meet you all in Joburg on Sunday.

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