Will PG conjure up the Aurora Borealis?

This trip is now still over 5 months away, and it was rather an impulse decision to book it... Anybody else out there hoping that our PG friend has a connection with the sun and that we will be in for a great display?
Well, it should be fun anyway just to go out there in the snowy night, right?

Hi Jennie,

Looks like it is just us on this trip. I am sure that Paul has put in reservations for everything that we want to see, so that they appear just when needed.

I'll be there too, fingers crossed for an amazing show. It's my first trip with PG

Hi Karen

It is great to have someone else in the group.

Have you been with Exodus before, or is it just the PG bit that is new?

Hi cg.moo

This is my third trip with Exodus but my first with PG.....really looking forward to it.
I hope it's as good as the other two, Africa in 2000 and Galapagos in 2011....both were amazing trips.

How about you? I assume you've been with PG before? His pictures on Facebook are stunning.

Hi Karen,

a couple of us have done one trip with PG before, and a week tonight we will be at the airport checking in for a trip that just happens to be be PG trip. I will be going to my DR's on my return to get my self checked out, as I am sure that I have something wrong in the head!!!!!!

Bless him!!!

Hope you had a good trip to Galapagos, Jennie I went a couple of years ago, but not with Exodus, and had a great time.

One of the friends with us for this trip is an Exodus Virgin, but has seen PG do a presentation so knows what he has signed up for.

As a small group we should have a great time.

Well Christmas is done, so only 7 weeks to go, seems everyone wants to provide advice on how to photograph the lights, so hoping that we actually get the chance to see them.

Perhaps some of the guys were on the 2015 trip can also offer some tips, although they did not see the lights they have stayed in the venue and can tell us what to expect, especially as they are joining us in 2016.

1) Joys of transfer in Oslo Airport
2) At the other end there will be a 2 1/2 - 3 hr coach ride to the 'resort'
3) Chalets well equipped and very warm as is the restaurant & lounge area in the main building
4) For those in the top chalets a 200m walk up a hill from main building - can be icy so crampons required - they do supply
5) Great location overlooking Fjord on one side and hills on the others, some light pollution around, lets hope the cloud, rain, snow, sleet & force 10 gales have disappeared from last year so we can see it !
6) As for shooting NL's ! just back from Norway where the guides told us to shoot on ISO's of 3200 and above ! didn't go near that. Shot using between 200-400 and if the NL's good then at around 5 secs, or just looking like wispy grey cloud then around 30-40secs, trial & error to start with !
7) Make sure you have worked out how to turn off red/green lights and beeps on your camera body - we do not want to upset PG !
8) Great Food
9) Alcohol not cheap !!! (cg.moo !!)
10) Outdoor Jacuzzi for those brave enough (SJ ?)
11) Daylight hours approx. 09:30-14:00
12) Weak Wi-Fi connection in main building

That's about as much as I can remember from last year,

NL's displays were awesome over the New Year up around Tromso lets hope we get the clear skies and I can attempt to take a few more pics :-))

Unless an airport sandwich can sustain you for a day of traveling, it may be worth taking with you something to eat on the way.


Digger thanks for the information, very helpful, especially point 9, although I will contest that it is others that lead me astray!

As for number 7 - surely that is why we all pick these holidays, to upset PG.

re the comment from Anonymous - thanks.

Not much to add as I've never been but I'm looking forward to the trip and seeing you all again for those on the Antarctic trip and meeting new people. I'm sure it will be great fun.
Jennie, I like your pic ;o)
Winter is coming, this cold spell is a good training! I'll take a lot of layers.
Hoping for clear sky and magical display, fingers crossed!
See you soon, Em

For those who wish to give their mums a night off preparing a packed lunch for the journey north, Oslo Airport has plenty of food 'places' in the Domestic Terminal

The only hassle is getting through baggage reclaim & customs :-((((

Another week and we should get the Aurora Forecast for mid-Feb !

Digger thanks for the updates, perhaps you have been looking t the forecasts and can give us some indications of what we may get.
Don't worry we won't hold you to them if it changes!

NL Activity -2 on the scale all nights
Weather - Partly Cloudy, Light Breeze, Temps -4 with wind chill added -9
Blame Michael Fish if I'm wrong :-)

Michael Fish, would not have had you down as being old enough to remember him!

Thanks for checking for us. Lets hope that we get to see them.(the lights that is).

See you all on Friday.

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