Winter walking in Trins

Hello there,
Anyone going on the Winter Walking in Trins trip next February?

Yes, I'm going on this holiday. I'm just wondering about footwear! I have some all season boots but they may not be robust enough. What are others taking? I'm from Devon. Louise

Hi Louise,
I am Stuart from a little village in North Wales called Bryngelwys.
I am really looking forward to this trip as it will be my first visit to Austria.
I am taking my Salamon 3/4 season boots. I wear these all year round except in ice & snow when an conditions are really bad, then I have a pair of double boots & crampons.
I have been to the Nepal Himalaya twice & just wore my normal boots then. I have also bought a pair of "spikes", like mini crampons, to take with me.
Looking forward to meeting everyone in just over 7 weeks time.

Hi, Louise
The Trip Notes do suggest waterproof boots and TakTrax for Ice Grips.
I don't disagree with that but, personally, I find strong waterproof walking shoes more flexible and steady underfoot. The ice grips are a must, though. Normally, on nice bright sunny days on usually prepared tracks snow is surprisingly easy to negotiate. However, on shaded sections and with evening light falling, you do need the added confidence that ice grips give. I have used YakTrax, which have been fine (though keenies have told me of another make at 2-3x the price that are better - but forgotten name - but something simple like 'ice-grippers'). It is well worth making sure that you are easy getting the grips onto your shoe/boot - try doing it without sitting/resting on something, or with cold wet hands! Unfortunately (unless we get some snow in the UK) there aren't many surfaces on which you can test them as they are awkward on hard surfaces and don't work so well in mud.

I would also add that poles are worth having. I'm don't take them with me normally, but in snowy/icy conditions then they are good for tentatively checking surfaces, giving a bit of support/confidence when moving down steep paths. They are also good for powering-on to catch up with the group, if you've taking photos or gossiping! But, if you don't like carrying them all the time, then check to see if your day-sack carries them neatly without leaving a trail of destruction in local tourist shops or taking an eye out of your fellow walkers!

Hoping for some good weather and good walks in February. Very little snow in Switz (least precipitation for 100yrs in Dec) at the mo. Have to hope for some good cover - else, we'll just have to climb that little bit higher!

I hope somebody from the Xmas Trins trips will report on some good experiences before we go.

Thanks for the advice...I shall be heading to our local Cotswold Leisure at the weekend to get myself kitted out. I have poles so I'm ok there.
I'm planning to get a train to Gatwick and tempted to buy the tickets but as the flight time might change I'd best wait. I'm really looking forward to the trip; it was recommended to me on another trip I went on last year. I haven't done much walking recently but lots of tennis. Thanks again. Louise


Just on walking poles – do you have snow ‘boots’ (or maybe called ‘baskets’) on the end of your poles?

Often, poles are sold without them, or as an optional extra. If you’re going to a knowledgeable supplier, like Cotswold Outdoor, you may find that they can fit them as often poles have thread to screw them on. They are about 3” or so in diameter, probably not much more than fiver and stop the poles sinking too deeply in heavy snow.

Not a reason to get new poles, but they do work quite well if we should get, say, a heavy overnight snowfall. Personally, I either use these boots attached for heavy snow or else hard tips for icy surfaces. The latter tips make a noisy racket for regular hard surfaces, so I then usually ditch them and carry them on my day sack, but rubber tips can be swapped.

Hope this helps.

Hi Louise,
I've already bought my train tickets. I travel with Virgin & they have some fantastic deals on advance bookings.
Chester to London £26 each way with a senior railcard but £30 1st class instead so a no brainer for me. Normal 1st class is £118 without railcard & £78 with. I know Virgin run from Devon area but GWR also do advanced tickets so i would book them now & save some money.


Thanks for all your advice, really helpful. I've got new boots, yes I know I'll need to wear them before and take plasters! Some microspikes coming in the post, and train tickets booked, well partially booked; it's tricky for me on the way back so I'll be diverting to Windsor. It's getting close now and I look forward to meeting everyone! Louise

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