WUC Discover Costa Rica 20th/21st March

Hi to anyone going on this tour!

I will be arriving the day before on the BA flight.

Looking forward to it.


Hi again to anyone on this tour.
FYI, on day 4 we have an option to visit a hot spring in the evening.
EcoThermales is the recommended choice, and it does look very nice from the website and reviews, plus is a reasonable price.
I read in my guide book that places are limited to 100 per session, and as we are visiting during high season and near Easter, I thought it was worth checking with them if spaces were likely to run out.
They replied that there were currently only 17 spaces available, and said I could reserve in advance by email, and wouldnt have to pay until the day.
So I have reserved myself a place.
Thought I'd mention it in case anyone else wanted to do the same.

Hi June,

I'm looking into this trip at the moment, so if I can sort flights etc I may be seeing you there! I'm late booking this so my flight would get in at 8.30pm - I'm not sure if this would be a lot later than everyone else. Either way I'm sure the first days will seem a bit of a whirlwind.

Thanks for the tip about the hotsprings. This would be my first Exodus trip and so I'm a bit unsure about how things work and packing etc, but I'm sure a lot of it would be in the trip notes - they seem very thorough!

I'm both nervous and excited, but I'm sure that it will be an adventure!


Hi Sarah,

I hope you manage to sort the flights!

You'll probably miss the first evening meal, but dont worry about that, it's not a big deal. The next day we are on a bus/boat for around 6 hours, so you will have time to get over the flight, and also, to meet everyone else.

Dont worry too much about the hotsprings, that's probably me over-planning :-).

I have travelled with Exodus several times, and their tours are always excellent, they are my first choice these days.

The best advice is to pack light, but sometimes that's easier said than done. Trip notes are useful for any unusual items needed, and also past reviews of the trip sometimes help too. Think insect repellant is the main point to note for this trip :-)

It sounds like a really good trip, I'm looking forward to it.


I gather that there are  4 other people doing the same. Any names? Any way of recognising you at Gatwick? I am 6'2 grey/blond. I think I am the oldest in the group. 


Hi Peter,

This thread is for the 20th/21st March trip, it sounds like you are going on an earlier one. I can see a few other threads for the same trip in March (there's a LOT of dates for this tour in March!), I cant see one for your date yet, so you might want to start one.

Have a great trip anyway!



Hi again June,

I forgot to update this, but I did actually book on this trip in the end. Very exciting! My flight will be getting in late, but it sounds like the group flight is getting in around the same time, so a lot of us may be comatose the next day :)

I didn’t realise about Easter being such a big public holiday there. Rush hour in the rainforest?!? I’m sure it’ll be no problem!

Do you just take a normal sized suitcase and then a backpack for days out? I’ve been stocking up on my deet etc, but it sounds like we’ll need a few different clothing options for different regions. All part of the fun though!

I’m hoping we get to see lots of different wildlife and looking forward to getting to know everyone


Luggage - take whatever you are comfortable with, some people take suitcases, I have a wheeled-backpack type of thing (wheels are definitely good!). And yes, daypack too.

Not long now, looking forward to it.

See you in San Jose!




Myself & my husband are on this trip. Can't wait!!

Julie & Paul Winder

Hi Julie and Paul,

Will see you next week then!

Friday is my last working day, then I can start packing :-)


Great. Looks like the trip isn't full. See you next week!!

Great. Looks like the trip isn't full. See you next week!!

Great. Looks like the trip isn't full. See you next week!!

Great. Looks like the trip isn't full. See you next week!!

Great. Looks like the trip isn't full. See you next week!!

Great. Looks like the trip isn't full. See you next week!!

Sorry, didn't mean to post it SIX times!!


Hi to you as well Julie and Paul. Will see you very soon! Are you on the group flight?

Not sorry to say goodbye to the British weather for a bit!

How’s the packing going? I’m most of the way there but it’s my least favourite part of holidaying. Still, see you all soon for spot the sloth lol

Yes, we're on the group flight, not looking forward to the long journey. Wish we had booked a direct flight instead. Never mind. Will start packing tomorrow, and like you can't wait to get away from this bitter weather!  See you soon!!

Julie and Paul 

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