Zambezi Valley

We are on the 24 August trip. I've found a few good tips on the travel forum re footwear and packing.

Susan & Jas

Hi Susan

Been looking for others on here so good to see your post - I'm booked on a this trip too. Think I've just about sussed out my packing list - trying to travel light! What tips have you found? Are you on the group flight?


I'm on this trip too, not on the group flights - I've added a couple of nights at Victoria Falls onto the end - but should be landing at basically the same time so will hopefully meet you all in Lusaka airport!

There are a few tips on:

We're flying on the group flight there and back. 

Looking forward to meeting you all and a fantastic trip.


I'm on the group flights too so look out for the blue holdall with a bright turquoise exodus label hanging from it and say "hi" if you see me at LHR or Addis Ababa :) Looking forward to a great trip!

I leave from Heathrow too, but I think I probably leave a little earlier than you, I'm taking off at 1900. My flights are with South African Airlines so I go via Johannesburg. Fingers crossed everything works and I'll see you in Lusaka!


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