The Zambezi Valley


Just thought i'd start a thread for anyone who's going on the Zambezi Valley trip.

Im joining the trip as a solo traveller, so would be nice to speak to anyone else going on this trip?


Hi Dougie
I'm booked on this trip and I'm also a solo traveller. I booked a couple of weeks ago and there were 2 solos and 2 family groups of four booked.
I've had my eye on this trip for a couple of years but did the Gorillas and Masai Mara trip last year and loved it so thought I'd go back to Africa while I was in camping mode!

Hi Heidi

Sorry, only just noticed the reply.

Nice to know i'm not the only solo traveller, must be nearly a full group now.

That Gorillas and Masai Mara trip looks incredible, was it as good as it looked?

It will be my first time in Africa and first time doing this sort of camping/trekking/safari type of trip so it's all new to me.

Im currently trying to work out what's the best kit to buy as there is not a lot of safari clothing in my wardrobe at the moment! And i read about needing to take 3 days worth of clothing and kit on as hand luggage because we head straight out when we arrive.

Have you got to travel far down to the airport? I'l be driving down from Peterborough, so it's not too far for me.


Hi Dougie

I've only just checked the board for the first time in ages again!

My last trip was AMAZING. I didn't have any suitable gear as hadn't done anything like it before so bought neutral t shirts, zip off trousers which will all do for this year. You soon get used to roughing it and wearing dirty clothes! My advice would be get a good hat and sunglasses to avoid headaches from the sun. It looks like it's going to be pretty cold at night though!

I hadn't noticed about packing the hand luggage so pleased you mentioned that!

I live down in Bournemouth so usually get a coach up to Heathrow.

The balance must be due soon so I'll find out if any more have booked. It will come round really quick now!



Thanks for the advice on the kit, i think i might have to have a bit of a shop soon for some stuff, it's all the kind of stuff i don't generally wear, but i guess it needs to be more practical than look good! I will need a hat for sure, i always burn quite easily on my head!

Yeah i think the balance has to be paid by Friday the 13th.

I've got a big list of questions ready for when i ring up, mainly about the hand luggage and how big it can be and what i need to take in it, because if we don't see our suitcases at all until the bush camp il need bug spray and toiletries small enough to go in the hand luggage.
I need to see how much camera equipment i can bring too as i want to do a lot of filming.

Yep less than 2 months now, i'll have to keep a closer eye on here. If more people reply on here we should all meet up at the airport while we wait.

I'm wondering about the hand luggage too....I'm rubbish at packing! I don't need to buy much after last year it's just getting organised!

I did see on a review someone suggested gloves for the canoeing which seemed a good idea for blisters. I'm also getting a drysack to go inside my rucksack for my camera.

Hopefully we'll get some more replies so can all meet up at the airport. I normally just get food and a huge glass of wine so I sleep! I flew with Ethiopian Airlines last year and it it was fine you could even charge your phone on board!

Yeah im all sorted luggage wise now, we get to see our luggage when we land before it goes to the camp so don't need everything in the hand luggage. For the hand luggage (for the first free days) i just got myself a 30l Berghaus bag that should do the job.

Yeah gloves might be a good idea, although i think the actual canoeing will be quite calm. Yeah i've got a waterproof case for my camera, i've got so much equipment though because i want to take my proper camera and my gopro.

Im hoping more people do comment on here so we can meet up. We should all start a whatsapp group in case anyone has any questions. My number is 07821069754 if you do. Food before the flight is a must and i quite like one of the restaurants at Heathrow. I can never sleep on planes though so i hope there are some good films!

You sound very organised - I think I'm being a bit laid back this year. I've got loads on between now and when we go so need to sort myself out! I think it's just 6 weeks now...
A whatsapp group is a good idea - my number is 07989970948. Once I've sorted my transport to Heathrow I'll let you know what time I'll be there.

Hope this posts ok on the departures - I'm new to all this - hence why it's still showing anonymous at the top! My name is Vicki and me and my husband Rich, son Jamie (22) and daughter Hollie (19) are joining you on the trip. We come from Bristol. Really looking forward to it and starting to get organised. I think we should be at the airport about 5ish and we usually do a bit of shopping (!) and then have a meal and a beer or two - get the holiday started! A friend of ours recommended this trip to us and says it's one of the best she's done! I'm a bit nervous about the hippos but can't wait to go!

Yep post worked fine and in the right place!
Yeah i can't wait either, already counting down the days.
I think i've pretty much got everything sorted now, haven't done anything like this before so had to buy most the kit from scratch.
Im aiming to arrive at the airport between 5pm and 6pm, i haven't got to far to travel as I'm coming from Peterborough.
I've started a whatsapp group for the trip and mine and Heidi's number are in above posts if you want we can add you to the group. We were thinking if anyone has any questions we can ask each other and also maybe all meet up at the airport for a drink before we fly.

Hi everyone. I think I'm on the same trip as you. Are you flying out on the 8th july? Iv not used this forum before so not sure what I'm doing. Not long now, i can't wait :-)

Hi there!
If you message either myself or Dougie on the numbers above we can get you added to our whats app group and a few of us are in touch now!
Only 2 sleeps!!!

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