Cross country skiing in Lapland Finland

Cross-Country Skiing Holidays for Beginners

Cross-country is simple to learn and takes just a few days to master. Beginner's courses will mix intensive instruction and gentle touring with an instructor, giving hints as you ski. As a beginner you will fall over, you cannot learn cross-country without a few bumps and bruises. While fitness is important for your enjoyment, balance and co-ordination is probably more crucial for easy progression during a beginner's week. The Tyrol holiday includes a few hours per day, followed by time for individual learning; at Rondablikk we use excellent Norwegian teachers, and in the Dolomites we use top quality British instructors.

Cross-country skiing grades

If you are a beginner, make sure you choose a week marked as Grade 1 (Beginners) or Grade 2 (Intermediates and confident beginners). For a full explanation of our cross-country grading system, please click here.

Skis and equipment
Cross-country skis are thinner, longer and lighter than downhill skis and don't have a metal edge, and lightweight boots are attached to the ski only at the toe. There is no need to buy special clothing for cross-country as mountain-walking gear adapts well to cross-country, as does lightweight jogging and fitness clothing. We suggest you use a small light backpack, or even better a bumbag to carry a few essentials during the day.



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Cross-Country Skiing Holidays