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Exodus offer a wide range of India Holidays. Noise, people, deserts, teeming markets, the Taj Mahal, tigers, mountains and a dazzling coastline are some of the many facets that make up the ... Read more

vast country of India. Travel in India is always an unforgettable experience, not always for the right reasons, but the rewards are huge: dawn at the Taj in Agra, viewing tigers in Bandhavgarh, the backwaters of Kerala, the magnificent mountains in Himachal Pradesh or Ladakh and of course, the food.


For many India holidays can be intimidating: with one billion people it is understandable but it is always unforgettable. With a host of tours from long overlands to short wildlife safaris there is plenty of choice in this most intoxicating of countries. You'll find a great range of holidays to India below.

Expect the unexpected. India evokes emotion like no other place - drama, passion and Bollywood style romance. Few countries can offer can offer such cultural and geographical diversity for adventure holidays: from the semi-desert of Rajasthan to the tropical delights of Goa and Kerala.

The highlights are almost too many to mention. India’s cities and towns are truly intoxicating, the countryside ranges from lush verdant rainforest to rugged mountain wilderness. From the sensual overload of the cities to the relaxing calm of the country’s backwaters, the myriad of sights, sounds and smells – culture shock is guaranteed.

For all of its natural wonders and beauty, the local people are the thing that will make your holiday to India truly memorable. Warm, welcoming and of a generous laid-back spirit, a healthy ‘anything goes’ optimism exists that makes the subcontinent pot bubble with a vibrant intensity.

India is a country of massive extremes, capable of making your heart sing one moment, and cry out the next. A trip to India is less a holiday and more a voyage of discovery, once there India will grab you and leave an indelible mark that you won’t ever forget.

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Private Adventures

As well as our range of fixed departure group holidays, did you know we can also arrange adventures for you, your friends and family on dates to suit you? In many cases we can modify our standard itineraries, upgrade the accommodation, or add on a few days for relaxation at the end. See our Private Adventures page for more information.

Private Adventures - your words, not ours...

We booked our trip 6 months in advance and Paula was extremely helpful and efficient in arranging a private trip for our 2 families on dates that we requested. Our local guide Antonio and driver Alan were friendly, helpful, professional and went to infinite trouble to give us a fantastic holiday.
Louise Craddock
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