Tours in Algeria

Holding the title as the largest country in Africa, Algeria’s orange Sahara sand dunes, magnificent Roman ruins, ancient mausoleums and intricate mosques are bound to capture your spirit of adventure. 

In a region where legends and traditional customs still hold sway, there’s no better way to delve into the country’s rich culture than on our Mediterranean Mosaics adventure. On this trip we visit; the Basilica of St. Augustine close to Annaba, an ancient port near the Tunisian border; the striking Fort Abdelgader and the Sarazzin Gate in Bejaia and a full day exploration of Djémila a World Heritage Site that holds Roman public baths, two forums, a 3,000-seat theatre, Roman temples, and a basilica and baptistry.

Then, the journey takes you to Algiers, a city where French built boulevards and socialist era statues stand side by side. While there, visit the scenic Roman ruins of Tipasa, the towering Mausoleum of Mauritania and wander through the bustling markets and hidden alleyways in the labyrinthine Casbah of Algiers to get a true feel for life in Algeria.

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Adventure Holidays in Algeria