A group of women carrying tea leaves on their backs in a tea garden in Srimangal in Moulvibazar district.


Forget ticking off your iconic sights bucket list: Bangladesh is all about the people

Adventure Holidays in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is largely unexplored by foreign tourists, but this is a country with true beauty, a place to be intoxicated by nature. From the lush rainforests and tea plantations around Srimongal, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Paharpur and Bagerhat, to Sundarbans National Park, the largest mangrove forest in the world. The country is raw, wild yet warmed by the generosity of its people.

Called East Pakistan after independence from Britain in 1947, after a short war with the western part of Pakistan it won its own independence in 1971. Since then Bangladesh has slowly been rebuilding its infrastructure and today its people are amongst some of the friendliest and welcoming in Asia. Bangladesh is both a delightful and unforgettable experience with a genuine heart. Travelling here is a true adventure.

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Highlights of Bangladesh

1. Lawachhara Rainforest: here there’s a unique range of birdlife and wildlife, including – if you’re really lucky – the endangered Hoolock gibbons. We visit a small village inhabited by an Indian indigenous group, the Khasi, who produce crops including oranges and betel nut.

2. Paharpur and Mahasthangarh: Paharpur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the best known and best preserved Buddhist monasteries in southern Asia, where the carvings and layout bear remarkable similarities to the later temples of Angkor in Cambodia and Prambanam on Java. Mahastangarh is the oldest archaeological site in the country, dating back to at least the 3rd century BC.

3. The Sixty Domed Mosque at Bagerhat: this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most impressive mosques in southern Asia, with 77 domes supported by 60 elegant pillars.

4. Sundarbans National Park: a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park encompasses the largest block of coastal mangroves on the planet, home to a huge range of fauna. Spot crocodiles, deer and dolphins as you take a boat along the waters.

5. Lalon Academy and Museum: visit the tomb and admire paintings of Lalon Shah Lalon, the father of Bengali folk music. A renowned saint, mystic and songwriter, he influenced many local and international poets, including Beat poet Allen Ginsberg.

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