Statues at Easter Island

Easter Island

Adventure Holidays to Easter Island

Exodus activity and adventure holidays to Easter Island will take you ro the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 4.000 km (approx. 2.500 miles) straight out from the Chilean coastline, is an island that still holds a very special mystery and magic. Europeans discovered Rapa Nui on Easter Sunday and thus to this day it is simply referred to as Easter Island. So far from everything and everyone, isolated by the largest ocean in the world, it demonstrates a rich history, art, language and interestingly once even suffered a civil war – all upon an island not 25km (approx. 16 miles) across. The Island is an equilateral triangular shape, 24 km across its longest side with extinct volcanic cones in each of its three corners respectively.

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Easter Island Adventure Holidays

 Amidst an atmosphere of friendly Polynesian hospitality, the entire island is today an open-air museum with approximately 900 iconic Moai (statues), all carved from the island’s unique bedrock. Exodus Travels can offer you a range of Easter Island holidays.


Easter Island map
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