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Chile Walking & Trekking Holidays

  • Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

There’s nowhere quite like Chile: it’s immense length – over 5000km – means that it encompasses almost every climatic zone from the driest desert on earth to perfect wine country to temperate rainforest to sub-Antarctic tundra. A walking holiday in Chile can reveal every one of these aspects while enjoying some dramatic scenery including perfect volcanic cones rising from azure lakes and some truly lunar landscapes in the Atacama Desert.

The deep south is a different world, and some of the best trekking holidays in Chile make for the unforgettable Towers of Paine (Torres del Paine), sheer pillars of rock which have to be seen to be believed. But not difficult to reach – a daywalk will take you to the base of the Towers.

An excellent way to round off a trekking holiday in Chile would be to visit Easter Island, one of the most isolated places on earth and home to the iconic Moai statues.

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