Terraced rice fields in Yuanyang County


Adventure Holidays to Yunnan

Sagittate mountains spring out of the ground at intervals like colossal emerald molehills. The watery arms of the Mekong Delta break up this vast olive landscape which is recognised as the most ethnically diverse province in all of China. Cast your eye across this rich scene and you’ll see the steep steps of gleaming rice terraces. Swirling like a Van Gogh oil painting, they cling to the curve of the earth and reflect the spectrum of light from the lowering afternoon sun.

The impressive variety of peoples and terrains mean this region has become ever popular with China’s domestic tourists, and it’s easy to understand why they are so captivated by this southerly section of the nation. You can drink in the splendour of this diverse province on two wheels, explore idyllic languid villages, recharge in sumptuous spa resorts or trek one of the many mountains. The only thing you really need in Yunnan is time to explore.

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