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Time it just right, and a festival can make the difference between a fantastic holiday and an utterly unforgettable one. Why not coincide your visit with a huge cultural event, give yourself some added insight into the local life and of course, the chance to celebrate along with the locals?

Our festival holidays are all designed to work around the momentous event, to give you a front row seat for the festivities, without worrying about the timings yourself. In Mongolia, that means watching the horse racing at Nadaam festival, in Ladakh it’s the unforgettable high altitude masked dances at the Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, and in Mexico it is the colour and excitement of the Day of the Dead. You could be in the whirlwind of colour that is Holi Festival, or the extremely cool (literally) Snow and Ice Festival in China. 

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Throngs of white-clad festival goers sleepily make their way to the holy baptismal pool.

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