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Simien Mountains

Simien Mountains

Simien Mountains Adventure Holidays

Overall, it was an interesting and very enjoyable experience. Our guide, Yitbarek, was very well organized, knowledgeable, and his love for his country and people shone through. Scenery was spectacular. Hotels, food, and wine ranged in quality, but I went knowing Ethiopia’s infrastructures were poor as were many of the roads. Timket was amazing.

Rosemary Sampson Ethiopia in Depth

Ethiopia is not like any other African country. It is Orthodox Christian by choice not conversion and had no colonial period. It’s modern economic development is astonishing with people being lifted out of poverty before your eyes. It is still strange and erratic at times – they turn off the internet from time to time – but the scenery is astonishing and the people generally welcoming and pleased to meet you, even if the children have all figured out that tourists mean rich pickings.

John Gilligan Ethiopia in Depth

I didn’t know much about Ethiopia. We suddenly make plan to visit Ethiopia and in this trip we come to about its culture and history. This trip is quite nice, sometime such sudden plans give you lot of happiness and fun.

Engineer AI Ethiopia in Depth