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Ghanaians pride themselves as the friendliest nation in Africa. Every journey you make here will echo with the same phrase: “Akwaaba” meaning welcome. It’s the warmth and openness of this country that makes it one of the most exciting places in the world to attend a festival.

But it isn’t just special occasions; there’s something to enchant you every day in this underrated destination. Whether it’s the natural splendour of plunging horsetail waterfalls where you can swim in the cooling pools beneath, the drool-inducing food scene in Accra’s vendor-filled streets, or the charming sight of playful monkeys springing from branch to branch in protected wildlife sanctuaries, there’s plenty to divert your attention. Ghana today is one of the most stable and democratic African nations, but it hasn’t always been this way: there’s the sad history of the Slave Trade here, and the legacy of colonial rule is still visible in the imposing forts that stand guard over the coast. Nowadays these soft sandy beaches are better known for their scenic beauty and perfect swimming opportunities. 

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In focus: Akwasidae Festival

The Akwasidae Festival, or Festival of Ancestors, is celebrated on a Sunday every six weeks by the Ashanti people. This hugely significant festival honours the dead, both a person’s own deceased family and community leaders, with festivities and music. Drumming, singing and dancing are common, and often parades take place too. Even the King of the Ashanti people honours his ancestors with huge ceremony, by holding his durbar (or court) on this day accompanied by singing, dancing and celebration, whilst visiting his own ancestors’ mausoleum.