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Self-Guided Adventures

Self-Guided Adventures

We offer a range of Self-Guided Cycling as well as Walking & Trekking Adventures, giving you freedom to have your very own adventure, at a pace to suit you.

Whether you pause or power on: the choice is up to you, from cherry-picking the sightseeing stops along the way, to deciding to linger a little over your lunch, or setting off an hour earlier to catch the coolest part of the day. You’ll have our in-depth Trip Notes to keep you company, personally tested by our Experts, they give you detailed kilometre-by-kilometre descriptions, and include all the information you need from recommendations for the best lunch and rest spots, excursion routes and notes on places of interest. So you’ll never fee rushed, or alone. 

Exodus will transport your luggage for you between hotels, and provide high-quality support through local suppliers, as well as 24-hour emergency support if required.

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Self-Guided Adventure Holidays

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 "Having the freedom to make your own decisions was liberating. You can take a break when you like, so if you know there’s something special at the end of your day walking, you can set off early to spend more time there. We had the freedom to go off and do however we chose. Just the two of us and peace and quiet - bliss, from the hustle and bustle of daily life."

Customer Chelley Richardson explored Wild Sardinia on our Self-Guided Walking along the East Coast adventure

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