Best Selling Adventures of 2016

What proved most popular last year? We reveal all with our top 10 bestselling adventures from 2016. Here we present to you the ten trips which were the most popular based purely on numbers travelling. Our travellers loved them – don’t just believe us, see the reviews on each one to get an idea of just how well-loved they are. They’re slick operations, practiced and perfected each year, and deservedly popular. These adventures are signed, sealed delivered – and they could be yours.

1 .The Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Amalfi


Year after year, without fail, the Amalfi Coast comes out on top in the Exodus rankings. And who can argue with that: dramatic, soaring cliffs, sumptuous local cuisine from the family kitchen, and an area rich in fascinating ancient history. In the tumultuous year of 2016, dramatic shifts and sea changing events, one thing remained constant: the enduring popularity of Amalfi. Bestseller No. 1: The Amalfi Coast

2. (and 3, and 7!) Cuba: La Isla Grande

Havana, Cuba Havana, Cuba


Cuba was hot stuff in 2016, securing a whopping three spots (second, third and ninth) out of ten in our bestsellers list. No doubt its popularity is a blend of its characteristics and the added sense of urgency that change was coming to this tropical isle. For the culturally curious, it’s the perfect place to immerse yourself in the bars, city streets and rural wonders. Cuba is exactly the kind of destination that rewards a little bit of extra investigation. Bestseller No. 2: Cuba La Isla Grande

3. Cycling Cuba

Cycling Cuba Cycling Cuba


For cyclists, Cuba offers a not- too-taxing adventure which gives you a sense of achievement without the sense of an arduous struggle – it’s accessible, it’s interesting, and it’s just something a little different. Following the death of Castro in the final moments of 2016 things are only set to change even more for the coming years. It’s the end of an era for Cuba, with the rest of the world looking on to see how this country will shape its future. Bestseller No. 3: Cycling Cuba

4. Discover Costa Rica

A colorful Red-eyed tree frog in Costa Rica A colorful Red-eyed tree frog in Costa Rica


It’s easy to see the appeal of Costa Rica. This ecotourism hot spot has green credentials coming out of its ears, and there was no shortage of travellers in 2016 keen to see its verdant cloud forests and beautiful beaches. It is a haven for wildlife and wildlife enthusiasts – with its many diverse ecosystems this small country affords huge changes of scenery as you travel from Caribbean to Pacific. After the Jungles episode of Planet Earth II we predict it’ll keep its high position for 2017. Bestseller No. 4: Discover Costa Rica

5. Cycling Vietnam

Traditional street scene in Vietnam Traditional street scene in Vietnam


Cycling and South East Asia go hand in hand. With locals regularly relying on two wheels for their transport needs, this is a country which embraces the cycling traveller with open arms, making every day in the saddle an absolute pleasure. It’s no wonder that this ride, which travels the length of Vietnam and takes in all the best bits by bike, has held a steady position high up the charts for so long. Bestseller No. 5: Cycling Vietnam

6. Discover Sri Lanka

Buddha statues in Dambulla Caves, Sri Lanka Buddha statues in Dambulla Caves, Sri Lanka


It’s hard to imagine what anyone could possibly dislike about Sri Lanka. It certainly wouldn’t be the verdant tea plantations, Buddhist monasteries and ancient rock fortresses, and we can’t imagine how the tropical white sand beaches would be cause for complaint… must be why it comes in at number six in our bestselling adventures in 2016! Bestseller No. 6: Discover Sri Lanka

7. Cuba Highlights Ride

Group, Cycling Cuba Group, Cycling Cuba


You couldn’t get enough of Cuba in 2016. Coming in at no.7 is this one-week alternative to our two-week Cycling Cuba (bestseller no.3) – just in case you’re short on time or two weeks on a bike is just a bit too much. Bestseller No. 7: Cuba Highlights Ride

8. Walking in the Picos de Europa

Picos de Europa Picos de Europa


We think the secret of this trip’s success is probably a young Spanish man called Alvaro. He’s our leader in the Picos de Europa, and the very deserving winner of our Tour Leader of the Year Award. The Picos may be incredibly beautiful in their own right, but with Alvaro by your side, their true nature bursts forth in ways you’d never be able to find on your own. He is the key to unlocking these mountains. Bestseller No. 8: Walking in the Picos de Europa

9. Vietnam Adventure

Beautiful Halong bay Beautiful Halong bay


Another country to crop up more than once, Vietnam is a bustling, vibrant traveller favourite. The trick now is to find the little, off the beaten track quirks that will make your adventure unique – the cycle trip round the quiet, rural paddy fields, the canal trip on a traditional sampan, the Mekong Delta homestay with a Vietnamese family. This is what proved most popular about this adventure in 2016 – the blend of the iconic sites with everyday life. Bestseller No. 9: Vietnam Adventure

10. Everest Base Camp

Trekker facing Everest Trekker facing Everest


Last but not least, our tenth place goes to an iconic trek of Himalayan proportions. Everest Base Camp has captured the hearts and minds of trekkers for many years, but 2016 was different because it marked the return of walkers following the devastating earthquakes of the previous year. People keen to walk this hallowed trail were spurred into action, knowing this was the year that the Sherpa community needed their presence more than ever, to help the guides, porters and teahouse owners get back on their feet and rebuild their lives. The resilience of the Nepalese mountain communities is not to be underestimated. Now things are almost back to normal, and 2017 will only go from strength to strength. Bestseller No. 10: Everest Base Camp Trek

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