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With Exodus’ two-wheel enthusiasts gearing up for their Land’s End to John O’Groats challenge, we figured it was about time to get some tips and expertise!

What is the essential cycling gear you should never be caught without? Which handy item should always make it into your bag?

You can find out the best suggestions, sneaky insider tidbits and handy hacks to help you have the best ride of your life. We learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

Mountain Bike and Road Bike Accessories

Andy Ross, Head of Product & Cycling Programme Manager

andy ross on his bikeAndy Ross road cycling

My own saddle! When you are sitting on your bike for most of the day, it is really important to be comfortable.

Our hire bikes have good quality saddles on them but we highly recommend taking your own if you have one you find comfortable.

A Garmin cable! Possibly the easiest item to forget, and the most frustrating to leave behind if you use a Garmin or GPS cycle computer.

Gina Eckersley, Self-guided Cycling Product Manager

Gina Eckersley off-road cyclingGina Eckersley off-road cycling

Chamois cream! Don’t let chafing and saddle sores ruin your holiday, chamois cream can prevent you hours of discomfort and is also an anti-bacterial which helps stop saddle sores from developing.

A map holder or phone mount for your handlebars. On our guided tours this is not necessary as our guide will lead the way, but on a self-guided cycling trip, these items can be extremely useful, offering easy access to your maps and enabling you to follow GPX routes on the screen of your phone.

Tim Fearn, Cycling Product Expert

Tim Fearn drop bar cyclingTim Fearn drop bar cycling

 A cycling cap! Great for keeping your head warm and dry in wet conditions as well as keeping the sun off your neck or out of your eyes on hot days.

A well-thumbed copy of “The Rider” by Tim Krabbe, to get me in the right frame of mind for a day in the saddle.

Megan Devenish, Cycling Product Expert

Megan Devenish cyclingMegan Devenish

I always take a bum bag or saddle bag with me, this makes it much easier to access the things you need throughout the day – plus you’ll avoid getting a sweaty back.

Closed-toe sandals are a must for a relaxed cycling holiday in hot destinations. They keep your feet cool on the bike and are ideal for exploring off the bike, just don’t forget to sun cream your feet!

Dave Sear, Cycling Product Expert

David Sear cycling in the mountainsDavid Sear cycling in the mountains

Some nice chewy bars. Everyone gets hungry at different times so don’t rely on eating only at designated lunch stops. Take a selection of your favourite energy bars and snacks to keep you going through the day and avoid the dreaded bonk!

My Garmin GPS bike computer! It’s great to look back at your ride and see exactly where you cycled that day or to look back at a whole adventure once home to bring back great memories. Plus exotic-sounding KOM’s and PB’s always look good on Strava!

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