Sri Lankan Adventure From Ameera Mian

During my Sri-Lankan adventure we did so many things I thought I might not do in my life, from tea leaf picking to facing my fear of heights by climbing the ancient fortress in Sigriya.

My best bit of the holiday

But my favourite part of this wonderful holiday was with most iconic and biggest land animal on the earth, the elephant. The first time I encountered this creature was halfway through our fantastic journey. When I found out that I was going on one I felt so nervous yet overjoyed and when we were all on the elephants we started to walk around the lake nearby. After half an hour wandering around the lake the elephant was led in the river. I waited eagerly with my fellow elephant riders before the elephant lifted its trunk and soaked us in water, it felt wonderful, the cold water on our hot bodies it cooled all of us down from the burning hot sun.

The funniest Elephant in Sri-Lanka!

Fortunately, that wasn't the last time I saw the natural beauties of Sri-Lanka . A few days later on our way to the Yala National Park we came across a huge (well they're all huge) elephant bull was blocking the road . We were stuck on the road until the drivers assistant took out some bananas and gave then to the elephant almost everyone on the bus was shocked (besides the bus driver, his assistant and our tour guide.) As the elephant let us pass we looked back only to see that it had eaten its food and had resumed its position on the road ready to block unsuspecting drivers. All of the kids laughed as we left this strange and funny sight as we approached nearer, I looked forward to the wonders of seeing rare animals.We were all out to look out for the legendary leopard. We got into groups and drove around observing the wild buffaloes, elephants and birds we soon reached the coast and looked at the beautiful blue Indian ocean. Soon after admiring the seaside we got back in our Jeeps and travelled back to our coach. After all that we went to our seaside hotel and enjoyed some free-time with the other families at the pool.

That was the two best highlights of my Sri-Lankan Experience.

By Ameera Mian Aged 13

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