Manta-ray is floating in bubbles at the cleaning station, S. Ari Atoll, Maldives


The Maldives are home to a dizzying array of aquatic life – time to dive in

Adventure Holidays in the Maldives

In the Maldives a picture-perfect paradise awaits. With cyan seas stretching to the horizon in every direction, scattered with 1,190 sparkling white islands and coral cays, the Maldives is a paradise for those looking to relax and unwind. The resorts here are famously luxurious, and will attend to your every need. Aside from snorkelling – which is excellent – reading, and gazing at swathes of stars in the night sky, there are no distractions here, unless you want to find them.

For all that the Maldives are a tropical paradise, there’s more to these sparkling white islands than luxury bungalows and honeymoon hideaways. For marine-life lovers there’s nowhere better. Awake to the sun rising over the azure Indian ocean, snorkel areas of stunning beauty and abundant marine life including Manta rays, Whale sharks, Green, Hawksbill and Olive Ridley turtles as well as Bottlenose and Spinner dolphins.

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Maldives Adventure Holidays

Wildlife spotting in the Maldives

1. Turtles: the shallow reefs in South Male Atoll make for ideal conditions for turtle snorkelling. Keep your eyes out as you snorkel and swim alongside these amazing creatures.

2. Whale Shark: the region of South Ari Atoll is very lucky to have a year-round population of Whale sharks. Of course there's no guarantee but on a whale safari you can expect to see one or two sharks every half hour and it’s possible to snorkel beside them!

3. Dolphins: can be seen leaping over the waters between Male and Guraidhoo in South Male Atoll. Make sure you have your camera at the ready.

4. Tropical Fish: all the Maldivian reefs are fantastic for spotting tropical fish, including  the canary yellow polka dot Box Fish, amusingly shaped Porcupine fish and schools of distinctly black and white striped Banner fish.

5. Manta Ray: Madivaru is the place to go to spot the unusual Manta Ray. The best sightings happen between the months of February to April. We only use the best guides use a radio network to improve chances of a sighting. 

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