The Gobi, meaning 'Stoney' Desert living up to its name!; Mongolia

Gobi Desert

Adventure Holidays to the Gobi Desert

The ever-changing landscape of the Gobi Dessert, is home to some of Mongolia’s most spectacular scenery. Particular highlights include the majestic Ikh Bogd Mountain, the highest mountain in the Gobi Altai Mountain Range; the ‘Singing Dunes’ which stretch for 200km and are up to 300km high and reverberate with a beautiful and haunting music as the wind courses through them; and the Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park. Meaning 'Three Beauties of the Gobi' the park's landscape is extremely varied, with rocky and sandy desert plains, precipitous cliffs and ravines, salt pans and oases. Yolyn Am is a canyon so deep and narrow that even in the height of summer winter ice can remain on the valley floor. The South Gobi is home to 100,000 camels, typically used by herders for transportation of their gers. With Exodus, there's the opportunity today to visit a camel breeding family and get a glimpse into the traditional way of life. 

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Gobi Desert Adventure Holidays

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