Family Holidays in Peru

Family Holidays in Peru

Exodus offers a fantastic action-packed family adventure holiday to Peru. If you have teenage children, we would suggest our 'Inca & Amazon Family Adventure'. Suitable for families with children aged 12 and over, you'll walk the classic Inca Trail to arrive at the Sun Gate overlooking Machu Picchu, spend three nights in the Tambopata Reserve in the Amazon Rainforest and have time in Cuzco. If your children are younger you might like to arrange your own Private Adventure.

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Peru Family Adventure Holidays

Meet the Animals of the Andes

Alpacas and llamas are irresistibly cute, with long fuzzy necks and fluffy faces. These iconic Andean species are both central to the livelihoods of locals, but they’re not the same animal.

Llamas are pack animals, originally domesticated by the Quechua people about 6,000 years ago. Alpacas are bred for their hair, and they’re about half the size of Llamas. You’ll find soft knit products made from Alpaca fiber all over Peru. To make matters even more confusing, Peru is also home to Vicuña, which looks a lot like Alpacas and Llamas. The Vicuna are an endangered species, much smaller and more deer-like than its cousins.

Meeting these animals of the Andes are a guaranteed highlight of family travel to Peru. Both Alpacas and Llamas are woven into everyday culture here, so seeing them up close helps visitors understand their significance. Llamas and Alpacas can be found almost everywhere, from the streets of Cusco to the mountains surrounding Machu Picchu. Family Trekking in Peru will likely involve the help of strong, agile Llamas, and some Alpaca wool will keep you warm along the way.

Trip to Inca trail/Machu Picchu was amazing
Fiona Crawford, 2018 Inca & Amazon Adventure Family Holiday
A trip of a lifetime and a dream come true to visit Peru, Machu Picchu and the Amazon rainforest.
Jane Trevorrow, 2018 Inca & Amazon Adventure Family Holiday

this trip is amazing from start to finish - it was a lot harder than I thought, however it was...

Kim Sabey, 2016 Inca & Amazon Adventure Family Holiday