In the midst of the Atlantic lies an autonomous Portuguese archipelago. The Azores are not widely known, but are much loved by those that have laid eyes on these volcanically formed jewels. The islands are the visible tips of huge underwater mountains, saddled across the American and African tectonic plates. The rich green scenery, cavernous grottoes, towering cedar forests and glistening cerulean lakes call to nature lovers. A landscape of sprawling luscious fields, broken by rocky craters, smoking fumaroles, gloopy mudpots, and scorching springs, the adventure sports here are as awesome and varied as the terrain. Try windsurfing, kayaking, or even stand up paddle boarding. This is also a premier diving location. The nutrient rich water makes it one of the best locations in the Atlantic to take the plunge. Settling between a snug 17C – 24C, the waters here encourage a rich ecosystem. Celebrated for whale and dolphin watching, the Azores are home to a third of the world’s species of cetacean. Witness the majesty of a Blue Whale, the largest animal on the planet, as herds pass by the islands on their migration route.

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