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The land of the tsars, bloody revolution and architectural prowess awaits

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Stretching from the Baltic to the Pacific and the Arctic to Central Asia, Russia is the biggest country in the world. It has an enormous variety of landscapes and attractions, perfect for cycling, walking or exploring.

Russian Holidays  have a big cultural agenda. The iconic cities of Moscow and St Petersburg providing plenty of architectural interest. Here the ornate domes of St Basil's Cathedral and the Church of Our Saviour's Blood rise above the busy streets, and the Armoury in the Kremlin and the Hermitage in the Winter Palace house incredible collections of art. To the east of the Ural Mountains lies Siberia, a seemingly endless expanse of wild landscape. Lake Baikal is the deepest and oldest lake in the world, home to 1,500 endemic species. Further east still is Kamchatka, dominated by volcanoes and a dramatic place for a trekking holiday.


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In focus: Moscow to St Petersburg

Our range of Russia tours includes an opportunity to explore three of the country's grandest cities in one eight-day adventure, journeying from Moscow to St Petersburg. Repositioned as a cosmopolitan, sleek and stylish capital, you don’t have to scratch far beneath Moscow's surface to find the Russian blood that courses through this proud city’s squares and thoroughfares. In Novgorod, the birthplace of the country, Mother Russia’s culture is impossible to ignore, and St Petersburg’s State Hermitage Museum and the Catherine Palace will leave you in no doubt, Russia is smitten with two things: power and beauty.

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